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Four Tips on How Best to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances


Across the floor or simply having your kitchen appliances at the wrong levels, the little things add up. This can cause unnecessary stress and make simple tasks harder than they need to be.

Here are four tips on how to arrange your kitchen appliances. Follow these pointers and your domestic life will soon be a breeze:


A cluttered kitchen not only looks messy and unappealing, but can be a hazard.

If you need to duck and dodge between your appliances to get things done, this increases the risk of burning yourself on hot food or knocking something over.

To avoid this, consider which appliances you need on constant display and which you don’t use quite as often. For example, if you have a blender, there is a good chance you aren’t using this daily. Consider storing this elsewhere until you need to use it.

This will free up space on your kitchen surfaces and reduce the risk of accidents happening.

Create a wet zone

One of the most useful tips in appliance maintenance is to keep relevant devices together.

Creating a ‘wet zone’ which contains appliances such as the tumble dryer, dishwasher and washing machine will look sleek and improve the aesthetic of your kitchen. Not only this but it will make manoeuvring around the room much easier.

There will no longer be a need to carry wet clothes from one side of the room to the other, dripping water all over your floor and other appliances. You can simply and quickly move laundry from one machine to the other.

This will also make any appliance maintenance much easier if any issues should arise, as a lot of the plumbing will be in one place.

Have your microwave at eye level

While it may seem convenient to simply place your microwave on the counter, this will cause difficulty in the long run.

A countertop microwave is sure to mean that you need to strain to see what you are doing, and will need to reach or stretch for your hot food once it is prepared.

As well as being tedious, this is a safety hazard, which can easily be avoided with an eye-level microwave. This is especially important as lifting and burns are among some of the most common kitchen accidents, so extra measures should be taken to avoid them.

An eye-level microwave will also reduce the amount of trailing wires in your kitchen, for an overall tidier appearance.

Plugs and cables

Ensuring that plugs or cables are not kept in a place where they can get wet is an essential factor when it comes to appliance safety.

It is important to make sure that you are not overloading plugs or extension leads with appliances. Overworking sockets and extensions can cause damage to your appliance and require repairs by a professional.

In more serious cases, overloading a power source can cause fires, which is why it important to make sure that you are not loading a socket with more than it can handle.

So, there you have it – four top tips to improve the way your kitchen is arranged. If you are concerned that any of your appliances are damaged, be sure to contact a reputable provider such as Glotech appliance repairs before rearranging them in your home.


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