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How Much do Plantation Shutters Cost 2020


Plantation shutters have a lot of benefits, such as increasing the value of your home, enhancing privacy, and controlling the amount of light that enters your home. By investing in plantation shutters, you’ll be improving the appearance of your home and attract more buyers, and you’ll also be increasing the convenience with which you can control the amount of light that you let in. It’s easier to tilt the shutters when you want partial lighting and close them completely when you want the room to be darker. Other benefits of shutters include durability, enhanced insulation to the home, and improved noise control. Buying high-quality shutters like plantation window shutters by Art Blinds will guarantee that you experience all these benefits and additional ones like easy cleaning as a way of maintenance.

Plantation shutter materials


Different types of hardwood, ranging from oak to mahogany, are also used to make plantation shutters. Basswood is also commonly used with the wood being painted with different stains to give different colours. Regardless of the type of hardwood you choose, you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality and will remain in perfect condition for the longest time.


Made from vinyl, these types of shutters are ideal for areas where water is used frequently, like bathrooms and kitchens. They can come in contact with water without warping or splitting for long durations.


Although these are the cheapest types of plantation shutters, they are also very low quality and will not last long in good shape. They are susceptible to scratches and will have to be replaced with time.

Faux wood

Made from composite wood, these types of shutters are not only affordable but are also environmentally friendly because the wood is usually taken from managed forests. They are durable and strong and lightweight, which makes them easier to install. They also look like real wood and can, therefore, give the same aesthetic appeal.

Plantation shutter costs

The type of plantation shutter you choose will determine the amount of money you spend. Other factors affecting the price include the shape and size of the window and the shutter style. Bigger windows will need more shutters than smaller windows and will, therefore, cost more. Similarly, uniquely shapes windows will cost more than regularly shapes windows because they will require custom fitting and modification of the shutters. As such, if you have a dome-shaped window, you should expect to pay more than someone who has rectangular windows. Full height plantation shutters will also cost more than cafe style shutters and tier on tier shutters. Since shutters are prices per square metres, the average cost ranges between 180 pounds and 300 pounds, but the price can be lower if you choose to install the plantation shutters yourself.


To get an accurate cost estimate, multiply the width of the window with the height then proceed to multiply that number by the amount your preferred supplier is charging per square feet to get the total. Different companies have different prices, with some including installation costs in their quotations. You should, therefore, specify whether you want a DIY installation or a professional one when asking for the quotation.


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