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How Much does a Roof Survey Cost in UK?


Roofs play a big role in every property and should always be kept in perfect shape. This is why roof inspection is necessary and even mandatory when purchasing or selling a home. Roof survey can help you determine the condition of the roof, and by extension, the property you intend to buy, which is why you should always work with survey companies that will not give you false information. Even if you are not selling the property, an inspection by a good company will alert you of any possible damages, which will, in turn, help you save money by conducting repairs before the damage becomes extensive and forces you to do replacements instead. For instance, a roof survey by All Division Building will result in a thorough assessment and detailed report.

Comprehensive reports

Although different roofs have different roofing materials and different companies use different protocols and techniques for the surveys, you should always expect a report when the roof survey is complete. Good companies will provide comprehensive reports that cover different areas, such as:

  • Damages and the best cause of action include the type of roofing material, any defects on it, and its condition. They would recommend repairs or replacement as well as the estimated cost of either.
  • Signs of rotting or dampness, especially on the wood used on the roof.
  • The condition of the materials used on the chimneys such as bricks.
  • Condition of the gutters and the effect on drainage.
  • The ability of the roof to prevent leaks.
  • The ability of the roof to provide insulation and continued functionality.
  • If there is a need for further inspection

Roof survey cost

Nowadays, roof surveys are being done by drones, which are more efficient, accurate, and more cost-effective. However, some factors that affected the cost of the survey before, such as the value of the property remain the same. And can, therefore, be used as a guideline. Most companies charge different rates, but most of the time, if the property to be surveyed costs 99,000 pounds or less, you can expect the roof survey to cost approximately 200 pounds. Properties that are valued at more than 100,000 pounds will cost around 350 pounds to be surveyed.

The type of property is another factor that determines roof survey cost. The amount you’ll pay for a residential property will differ from the amount paid for industrial and commercial properties. For instance, roof surveys on residential properties can cost around 250 pounds, but the price will depend on the size and sometimes the location, especially if you hire a company that doesn’t use drones for the survey. Surveying the roof of a small commercial building can cost approximately 300 pounds, and the rate for medium-size buildings is 350 on average. Bigger commercial buildings cost 400 pounds on average while a roof survey on industrial buildings cost at least 450 pounds on average.


To avoid any confusion, ask for an estimate from the survey company you hire before they start the job. Always ensure the company you hire has qualified staff and is certified to offer those services, and that their customer satisfaction rates are high.


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