Bathroom decor is an important part of your home. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate and organize your bathroom. Playing around with color and texture can create a whole new refresh outlook on your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling can be done by professionals especially when it includes complex makeovers like plumbing, fixing leakages or ventilation issues.

The good thing is that with a bit of creativity and imagination, spicing up your bathroom can be done even by you-the homeowner. Bathrooms renovations require incorporating multiple components that arranged to perfectly fit your decor.

However sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. By changing something as simple as the lighting or fixtures, you can give your restroom a radical new look.

Here is a list of 12 great thought chic bathroom makeovers for your home.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features of your bathroom.. It helps create the mood and feeling in the room hence getting the right bathroom lighting is paramount in each home. LED lighting is pretty energy efficient and a great start.

Try adding LED lights over and around your bathtub. Switch to chandeliers in case you want a dimmer room. In case you live next to the outdoors, ambient lighting is best for you. If you have an interior bathroom here are some great tips to help in the bathroom design

  1. Shower curtains

Give your bathroom a chic, stylish look with the superb shower curtains. Shower curtains extenuate your bathroom areas and are relatively easy to install.

There are a lot of beautiful designs to choose from including floral motifs to matelasee cotton designs. Choose fresh colors that add a subtle elegant touch to your bathroom. You cannot go wrong with classic French, Turkish and Portuguese shower curtain designs.

  1. Towel storage area

Bath towels can gobble up quite a bit of space, and hence important to create alternative storage solutions. If your home has a small bathroom towel storage, you can add some inexpensive additions this great cabinet table.

Another fun addition for your towels could be wine racks, and all you have to do is roll up the towels for a custom fit. You can also add a rack shelf and other shelving units if you don’t have the floor space and use them to store towels.

  1. Include sprinkles of shading

Fun, bright pieces can add some energy to your bathroom. Shading can be done of the walls or shower window. You can play around with different paint colors to turn a dull bathroom setting into a sparkly bright setting. You can repaint the entire space or only a highlight a certain area with  shiny shading color scheme.

  1. Choice of bathroom furniture

Large pieces of furniture can overshadow a little room so it is important to pick out pieces that suit the size of your  bathroom space. In a smaller setting stick to the fundamentals of a vanity unit and capacity rack that you can either hold tight the divider or lay on the edge of a shower.

  1. Enriching bath linens

Bath linens including towels are an important part of bathroom décor. From texture, size to color, bath towels vary greatly. Cotton is a great material for extravagant, embellishing towels.

Fluffy white colors are a classic but you may experiment with other colors. For color schemes always go for lighter colors that tend to bring more color to a tub. Try combining two colors like light green and peach if you are going for a more mixed shade.

Fold shower towels in the same manner as hand towels and layer the two sizes for a layered look. Or on the other hand overlay towels lengthwise, at that point move them. Group the moved towels in common or wire bins or cartons, or stack them in pyramids.

  1. Adding shower rods

Shower rods help to organize your bathroom, creating space especially if you have an enclosed shower. Shower rods can be curved or straight and make hanging of curtains much easier. Always go for rusts resistant variations that match with the bathroom hardware.

Shower rods are useful for hanging drying wet towels if you do not have room in the bathroom.  Another useful feature of shower rods is they double up as an apparatus for drying clothes especially in the summer.

  1. Magnetic boards

Why not add a magnetic decorative magnetic board next to the mirror? A magnetic board is a great place for adding extra fun decorations as well as reminders while you are powdering your nose. Put up your child’s prized drawing or that important work reminder on the magnetic board.

9.Tilting roof

Utilize every last bit of an upper room space by building a shower into the roof. On the off chance that you have a ponderously molded roof – like this space restroom – transform it into a brightening highlight. Paint the roof white to appear differently in relation to the announcement backdrop behind. It’s an extraordinary method to include character in a limited space.

  1. Flooring

When it comes to a chic bathroom flooring, there are different types of materials that you could choose from. Ceramic tiles are great for textured finish and great aesthetics. There are large tile designs with different color schemes and patterns perfect for a chic bathroom.

Wooden material like vinyl are another affordable alternative when it comes to bathroom flooring. Vinyl offers a classy look and has better grip on bare feet than stone flooring. A fitting bath mat reduces accidents like slipping and falling due to slippery surfaces. Learn more about wooden flooring here.

  1. Beauty supply organizer

Ever had your nail polish lying all over the bathroom floor and wondered where to store it? Well, grab a used jar from the kitchen (like a cookie jar) and store all your beauty products in your small bathroom.

  1. Jewelry organizer

Use silverware trays for organizing some of your jewelry. You can actually add a fresh splash of paint, incorporate some few hooks to store necklaces and pendants tangle free. A jewelry organizer can also hold shampoos and other hair conditioning products.


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