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How to Build a Motorised TV Lift Cabinet


Have you ever dreamt of the motorised TV lift that would show & hide your favourite LCD monitor each time you want to watch the stuff you prefer to look through when wanting to chill out after a complicated working day? If yes you’ve got to the right place. With TV lifts of Progressive Automations, you will never want to get back to the ordinary TV in your house. 

Things to Consider When Creating Own Automated Motorised TV Lift

When first encountering the idea of home TV automation craftsmen should take into account a few most important factors that will influence the success of the new DIY project most of all. Here is the list of top important peculiarities relating the home TV lift automation with the help of electric linear motion actuators:

  • Dimensions and weight – the two most important parameters that should be noted when choosing the pair of the TV monitor and the electric linear actuator the further will be used together for the DIY project. In other words, the load capacity of the electric linear actuator chosen for the DIY project must cover the requirements set and be capable to elevate the weight of the TV monitor wanted to be used ;
  • The space available for the DIY TV lift construction installation – the dimensions of the TV lift cabinet should suit the place chosen for this purpose;
  • Mounting brackets selection – different types of TV monitors on its back have different joints that require special mounting brackets types. These differences can cause inconveniences due to which craftsmen may face difficulties with the proper selection of the TV monitor – linear actuator technology pairs;
  • The proper view distance should also be counted as only in case of possessing the IPS monitor panel type (which is only one of four existing), the craftsmen will have the chance to have the proper high-quality picture on their monitors. Even the slightest deviation by a couple of degrees can change the quality of the picture significantly. Thus, the proper viewing angle must be adjusted towards the area where the viewer plans to sit when watching his favourite movies. 
  • The linear actuators’ length and load capacity – the lifting technology used for the motorised TV lift construction must possess the relevant load capacity to make everything function well;
  • Materials selection – the real TV lift cabinet must be made of the proper materials that will be capable to withstand the weight of the lifting mechanism based on the work of electric linear actuators and the weight of the TV monitor itself. 

Advantages of DIY TV Lift Cabinets When compared with Professional-Built 

With the help of electric linear actuators that can be purchased from Progressive Automations, those craftsmen who know how to work with the wood and mechanisms can save a lot of money by designing their own TV lift cabinet project. To do this a person will need the lift mechanism – electric actuator and some wood or plywood to cut out the required parts of the future TV lift cabinet. After pieces were cut out they can be fixed together with the help of special wood glue that allows seamlessly joining together different pieces of wood as if they have always been joined together. Also, in case if craftsmen are not very skilful in working with wood, they can use the angular frame as a carcass for joining wooden pieces together inside. This little lifehack will allow making the correct edges of the cabinet. With the electric linear actuator attached to the cabinet from inside and the TV monitor attached to the whole this construction, your automated motorised TV lift cabinet will become the most convenient DIY masterpiece you will probably be able to create in domestic conditions.

Think progressive and use linear actuator solutions wisely to make things automated. Life may be better when automated with Progressive Automations.


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