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Why Having Up-to-Date Technology is Vital in Business


The modern era is one of unprecedented technological change. Computational power is increasing exponentially, and the software is getting more sophisticated with every passing month. This means that any business that aspires to be competitive will need to find a way to take advantage of a constant supply of new tools.

But, as ever, there’s a cost to investing in new technology, and many might be tempted to simply stand still. This temptation might be all the more pressing for businesses which don’t directly rely on that technology.

So, it’s worth reminding ourselves why such investments are called for, and what we’re getting in return when we keep our technology up to date.


When it comes to computers, speed is everything. If an employee is forced to wait twenty seconds for a document to load from an ailing hard drive, they might well be annoyed; if this wait occurs constantly, and the worker in question has to deal with twenty such documents in an hour, this is going to place them under severe stress, and hamper their ability to perform properly.

This is especially the case when businesses are dependent on the internet (as so many modern businesses are.) If the business as a whole doesn’t have the necessary broadband in place, then it’ll be effectively cut off from the rest of the world. In the case of customer-facing online businesses, this can be catastrophic.


We’ve all experience the frustration of technology that doesn’t perform its function properly. While there are some cases where new technologies introduce as many problems as they aim to solve, it’s still necessary to invest at least occasionally in new hardware if you want that hardware to remain reliable. An obvious example comes in the form of cloud-based servers, which ensure redundant, secure storage for a fraction of the cost of an on-site solution.


The greatest security threats facing a modern, interconnected business come in the form of malicious software. Your best defence against viruses, Trojans and other malware is a strong antivirus. Antivirus software, however, needs to be updated regularly with the latest definitions if it is to remain effective. The same applies to your Operating System – fail to keep it updated, and it may become slow, unresponsive, and ultimately unprofitable.


The customers and clients with whom your business interacts will come to expect a certain level of technology. If they note that your company has failed to keep pace, they might reasonably conclude that the rest of the business is similarly underfunded. Thus, maintaining a high standard of computer system becomes a matter of keeping up appearances. This concern goes alongside all of the other, more practical ones we’ve discussed.


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