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4 Eco-Friendly Changes to Make to your Business


If you are a conscientious business owner, regardless of the products or services your company provides, one of the main areas of concern will surely be how damaging your carbon footprint is to the environment.

The more businesses across the United Kingdom – and farther afield – who strive to adopt a much more environmentally friendly stance, the better; not only for the way in which the company will be perceived, but also for the preservation of the world for future generations.

With this in mind, here are four eco-friendly changes to make to your business.

1.   Work to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

The primary way to effectively move your business forward into the future as an eco-friendlier one is to work to reduce your daily energy consumption as much as possible.

Just some of the ways to do this include the following:

  • Consider installing cost-effective solar panels
  • Adjust the closing delay on all automatic doors
  • Control the temperature of the office space
  • Switch to energy-efficient emergency lighting signs
  • Have the lights turn on and off on a sensor

2.   Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Another titan of the environmentally friendly world is the matter of recycling, and the good news is, regardless of whether your workforce operates out of a traditional office setting or not, there are plenty of ways to start a recycling initiative across your business.

Invest in divided, or indeed separate, recycling bins so you and your team can easily identify which pile their rubbish needs to be stored in prior to being sent to the recycling centre. More obvious items which are 100% recyclable include anything made from paper, packaging constructed from cardboard and plastic drinking bottles. Additionally, items such as printer cartridges can be recycled, too.

3.   Consider Your Advertising Techniques and Materials Carefully

One fantastic benefit of the takeover of the internet for businesses of all shapes and scopes to advertise their products and services and to build awareness around their brand, is that advertising on social media and through an official website saves valuable natural resources and manufacturing damage to the environment.

There is also, however, a clear benefit for in-person, visual and physical advertisements too, so when planning your next marketing campaign, be conscientious and choose a greener option for your signage and banner materials.

4.   Green Procurement of Suppliers

Finally, it is slightly ineffective when a company admirably makes every possible effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible, yet they regularly use suppliers who have no regard for protecting the environment and reducing their own commercial carbon footprint.

One big change would be to avoid any supplier or manufacturer who chooses to use excessive amounts of packaging and instead now work with a supplier who uses packaging which is entirely free of any toxic substances and can be completely recycled or reused.

An even better plan moving forward is to make the switch to only working with local suppliers and manufacturing companies, which will have the added benefit of supporting your local community.


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