Businesses That Benefit from Industrial Epoxy Resin Flooring


    Industrial epoxy resin flooring is one of many choices, but how do you know if it’s right for you and your business? We’ve taken some of the legwork out for you and identified the top types of businesses that can benefit from industrial epoxy resin flooring and why it’s such a great floor material.

    1) Car Mechanic

    Epoxy resin flooring is the ideal choice for any car mechanic. We know how much that unavoidable dirt goes absolutely everywhere, so a floor you can keep clean easily is the biggest bonus – best of all, it’s non-porous which means it’s going to maintain a good look and professional appearance and not absorb any oil stains and cause you problems. Epoxy resin is strong and durable, and it will easily be able to bear heavy wear, so it will last a long time and be worthwhile. Its strength means that it will support whatever weight you need it to bear with no trouble. Click here to see more about the cost of epoxy flooring.

    2) Car Showrooms

    The thing about your showroom is that it has to look impeccable; you sell cars half off the vehicle and half by selling the experience and dream of the lifestyle you’re offering, which means your place has to be perfect. That’s why epoxy resin flooring is ideal. Epoxy can be so diverse, and it gives you the option of so many different colours and finishes to build the perfect aesthetic. It’s also very hard wearing, and easy and quick to clean, which means you can keep it spotless with minimal effort and focus your energy on more important places.

    3) Commercial Kitchens

    Commercial kitchens can be such chaotic places, there’s always so many things happening, and everything happening in its place. Naturally, with such bustle it can be a hazardous place, and spillages and slip ups happen – with epoxy resin, whatever ends up all over the floor won’t stain or do any damage, and more importantly, it’s so quick and easy to clean that everything can be back in order in no time at all, saving time and keeping things safer. It’s also incredibly hard wearing, which is especially important to a place with such a high footfall and a large number of heavy machinery and appliances of varying temperatures too. The many options also mean you can opt for a diverse selection of finishes and colours to perfectly match the brand.

    4) Retail Warehouses

    An epoxy resin flooring is the perfect choice for your retail warehouse for multiple reasons. It’s easy and cost effective to lay on such a big scale, which is exactly what you need and the ideal option to fill such a big space. It’s also incredibly smooth and flat, which makes it very easy and quick to clean, which saves time and effort on cleaning. This also makes it ideal for walking without hazards, as well as for trolleys, carts and driving vehicles across it too. Epoxy resin flooring is also very durable, which means it can comfortably withstand the heavy footfall you’ll anticipate, as well as the aforementioned trolleys, carts and vehicles, no matter the load they bear.

    5) Factories

    What you want from you factory flooring is something hard wearing and durable, firstly because reflooring a factory stops production and is labour intense and involves clearing the space of likely very heavy machinery – so avoid that, you want your floor to last as long as possible and remain in the best condition throughout its lifetime.  This is why epoxy resin flooring is so good. It’s incredibly hard-wearing and durable, and it’s also ideal for covering a big space, because it’s quick to arrange, lay and set, and very cost effective. What’s more, it provides you with a perfectly smooth, flat surface, which makes risk assessments and hazard management especially easy in this department. It also makes cleaning up spillages a fast and hassle-free process, saving valuable time.

    6) Pharmaceutical Companies

    For pharmaceutical companies, epoxy resin flooring is the way to go. In every step of the process undertaken under your roof, epoxy resin is a good choice, particularly because the big scale of pharmaceutical companies means a cost effective and fast to implement flooring is beneficial. Within the labs and for the business sector, cleanliness is very important for different reasons, and in either case, epoxy resin is a good option too. For labs, where hygiene and cleanliness are imperative, the epoxy resin is easy and fast to clean to a high standard, as well as durable and won’t struggle to deal with heavy equipment or wear unevenly with heavy footfall. For offices and entertaining spaces, it’s perfectly easy to clean for that good impression, and even better, it’s simple to make it visually impactful and engaging with colours and finishes, even matched to the personal branding.


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