Home Construction Commercial Roofing Membranes: An Essential Part of Your Roof

Commercial Roofing Membranes: An Essential Part of Your Roof


Are you the type of person who wants to be independent as soon as possible? Someone who is working really hard and doing his or her best to earn sufficient money for the dream house? Maybe this article will enlighten you about the things that you must know when you are starting to plan your future.

One of the goals of a person is to have a place that he or she and live peacefully and build the life that he or she wants. You can do the things that you want and enjoy your time better when there is no other person is judging you or telling you what to do in your life. This is one of the common problems of people who are renting or maybe still living with their family.

Part of this goal is planning of the designs that you want for your home. This may include the color of the interior and exterior walls, the type of furniture that will suit your theme, lights, roofing system, and a lot more.

The exterior of your home is one of the important thing that you need to consider because it affects the curb appeal of your place. These kind of things will also affect your house’s market value if in the event that you would like to sell it in the future.

The design and slope of our homes and commercial buildings are not only a matter of style but serve different purposes and have their unique advantages and disadvantage which include but are not limited to maintenance, costs, and space. This is regarded as one of the main things that you must prioritize in building your own house.

Two of the most roofing styles are low-slope roofing which is usually seen on commercial buildings but is slowly becoming more on more popular in modern residential home designs and the classic high-slope roofing which is what is usually seen on residential properties.

Additionally, you can check this website for a list of roof shapes and styles complete with illustrations for each kind. You might wonder whether the benefits of a low-slope roofing system are worth the consequences of how a good quality commercial roofing membrane will negate its consequences.

Benefits of Commercial Roofing Membranes In This Generation

Commercial Roofing Membranes already changed since it was first introduced in the market. It adopted various concepts and suggestions from contractors and repair companies to be able to withstand the ever-changing weather and demands of the homeowners.

Let us start on why you should consider having a low-slope roof as opposed to the traditional steep-slope roof design. Most homeowners are not familiar to this kind of concept due to their technicality and nature. Some are also not a fan of home magazines and websites due to their age and understanding.

You should not be afraid because right now there are a lot of roofing companies nationwide that can help you build the best roof (click here) for your place. Not to mention that they have all the necessary tools and skills that a reliable contractor must possess. This is a type of work that required training and years of experience to provide a great quality service.

This kind of roofing already helped a lot of households nationwide and helped them to save a lot of money for repairs. In line with this, here are some of the common advantages of having a low-slope roof in your household and how a commercial roofing membrane can change your home for the better.

First is the installation of a low-slope roof is less expensive when compared to steep-slope roofs. This is because a low-slope roof requires fewer materials and is easier to install and as will be explained further, this does not mean that it is of a lesser quality than steep-slope roofs.

It is also important to understand this concept better before executing a low-slope roof in your home. Some infrastructures do not suit this type of roofing due to its foundation and building. That is why it is advisable to hire a contractor that can assess your place before jumping into this type of roofing. They are licensed to make crucial decisions that will surely benefit your home.

The second is your cooling and/or heating systems would work more efficiently and effectively. Having a low slope roof means that there is less empty space to fill up with air from your cooling and heating systems. This is also helpful if you are trying to save up money on your electric bill and aware of the benefit of having a commercial roofing membrane for your place.

Along with this if you really don’t need an attic to store your things, you are maximizing unused space. Britannica.com provide a much broader explanation of how cooling of buildings works. Not to mention the important matters that you must remember as a homeowner.

Third, maintenance and repair are much easier. Since the slope on the roof is not high, you and whoever will work on the repairs on your roof will have a much easier time, thus it will prevent you from wasting time, money, and energy in the long run. If your roof is considerably steep, you must also be careful, especially if it is wet due to the rain. This is one of the common causes of accidents in roofing repairs and installation.

Moreover, it would not even be advisable to work on repairs on your own as falling accidents are fairly common and may cause serious injuries, accidents, and even death. There are already cases wherein homeowners are trying to repair their leaking roof but end up having broken bones. Such is a situation that is preventable when you have a proper roofing contractor that you truly trust.

Fourth, since the slope on the roof is not high and you want to save on electricity bills and help the environment, the lower slope will be much more compatible with the latest solar panel designs. This is already a trend for most countries that have a high chance of experiencing sunlight.

The advantages of a solar panel roof are not limited to saving both on electricity bills and mother earth either, solar panels on your roof would also tend to extend the life span of your roof as there is an extra layer of protection against the harsh elements.

This fact has already undergone various studies to support this claim. Various companies already adopted this particular system in their commercial or industrial setup. It may be expensive at first due to the installation and fees, but you can gradually see the significance of this roofing system in the long run.

Lastly, while it is a matter of preference and taste, low-slope roofing caters to modern housing designs which move away from the overly ornate and cluttered-looking architecture of yesteryear. This is also one of the main reasons why it gained popularity over the years.

This means that low-slope roofing is no longer confined to designs of commercial buildings but also residential homes. Also, you can check out companies such as Gen819RoofingSanDiego which has great examples of both commercial and residential low-slope roofing as well as the latest solar panel power installations that you might want to get in the future.

If you are living in a subdivision or residential area, it is advisable to have a roofing system that suits the structure and design of your home. Keeping the membrane intact and well maintained can also help you save more money.

Disadvantages of Unsuitable Roofing Membranes At Home

Commercial Roofing Membranes also have consequences that you may experience. There is a reason why steep-slope roofs have been the norm for residential houses for such a long time. The design is simply more practical when it comes to the roof not retaining any water, ice, snow, or debris. This is the number one choice of most homeowners in this generation.

Moreover, advances in roofing design and technology such as more effective roofing membranes are making a great leap in the construction business and repair companies. This is a piece of great news for contractors that offer low-slope roofing services and commercial roofing membranes.

The first and most common disadvantage of a low-slope roof is that rainwater, snow, and ice tend to remain on low-slope roofs for longer and more oftener than on a steep or high-slope roof. Thus, the roof may leak and damage other parts of your house. That is why it is advisable that you engage professional roofing services to ensure high-quality membrane roofing.

Membrane roofing helps roofers and contractors around the world that are aiming to provide quality home maintenance for the people. But as to basics, membrane roofing is a system that creates a watertight cover on your roof to prevent any leaks from reaching the interior of a house or a building, this is mostly used in low-slope or even flat roofing system since water will tend to stay or cling on to this type of roofs.

There are different kinds of membranes uses for low-slope roofing which takes into consideration the primary use and purpose of the roof. These are matters that you must prioritize, especially if you are just starting to get familiarize with roofing and home maintenance.

The second is that you might also need to regularly check if debris and other materials are clinging to the roof.  On a low-slope roof, solid debris and dirt would most likely be removed on your own since the slope is not steep enough. This is one of the important things that you must remember to keep the integrity of your roof.

The third is essentially viewed as an advantage for others, since there is not much space on most low-slope roof designs you might not be able to have an attic as an extra storage room or even an extra living area depending on the space available because of a higher roof.

As you might have guessed the disadvantages of low-slope roofing are precisely the strong suits of high-slope roofing. This does not mean however that steep-slope roofing will not benefit from any commercial membrane roofing, even steep-slope roofs are susceptible to retaining water if rain gutters are not effective or the downpour is especially strong. 

Thus, a homeowner needs to be fully aware of the things his or her home needs, any maintenance and requirements such as up-keep. From commercial roofing membranes to proper home maintenance to prevent expensive and unexpected home issues and repairs in the future. Investing in a local trust worthy roofing contractor is also a must these days as external factors can be unpredictable.


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