Best Guide on Engaging Pet Export Service in Singapore


    Singapore is known to have stringent rules about many things. Importing pets is one of the many areas under jurisdiction. If you decide to move to Singapore and plan to get your pet along, you should first take a look at the rules about pets there. An international pet transport company can help you a lot in this matter as you cannot do the pet travel arrangements yourself. The rules are both strict and time-sensitive. Taking professional help from the very beginning can help you to avoid stress and anxiety related to the matter.

    Various areas will need prior planning like the import permit, rabies vaccination, rabies antibody test, ISO compliant microchip, de-worming and anti-flea and tick treatment, international health certificate Singapore-specific health certificate, quarantine reservation, etc. Research on these areas before you decide to move your four-legged pet friend to Singapore. 

    How easy is it to move your pet to Singapore?

    Pet export is not that easy. You can get an idea of what is needed and also the timing issues by making the use of the pet import calculator, which is available at the Singapore Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority website. Make use of all the relevant information available there.

    • The pet travel experts can arrange for the smooth travel of the pets. They will use the most pet-friendly airlines and make your journey a smooth experience. 
    • However, not all breeds are allowed in Singapore like Akitas, pit bulls, and tosas. Some dangerous species may be allowed, but they require special arrangements. Doberman pinscher, bull terror, German shepherd, Rottweiler are some of the most dangerous ones that you can send to Singapore. 
    • In the case of cats, some breeds are also not given entry into Singapore. Those are having wild ancestry. However, the savannah and Bengal cross are some of the categories that are allowed there. But you will have to prove that they are the fifth generation. Cats are also not permitted in the apartments under the Housing and development board. 
    • Some pets like hamster fish and birds are allowed in flats. However, the case is not the same for all. There are few dogs on the list who are qualified. They are permitted breeds in Singapore. 
    • Having a non HDB flat can increase your chances of keeping a pet with you. However, not all of them are under the same rule. Some of them do not allow pets of a specific breed here as well. 
    • All the dogs that you carry should be licensed. It would help if you confined them to your homes. Dangerous breeds need muzzling. You will also have to take injury insurance with you in that case. Also, it would help if you carried a banker’s note for additional security. 

    Hence getting your pet is a harsh deed in case of this country. You will have to take good care of all the regulations of Singapore. Take a close look at the various legal issues that took place earlier to get your doubts clear. It will help you make a smooth transition. 


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