7 Awesome Tips about Bachelor Party from Unlikely Sources


    Bachelor parties are a long-standing tradition that allows the groom’s friends to throw their mate the last soiree as a single man. Planning a bachelor party is tricky, but worth it. You must take care of various activities and consider several things such as determining the right level of appropriateness, setting a budget, and choosing activities that you appeal to the man of the hour. Considering that this may be your first bachelor party to plan, you can use all the help you can get, so here are some unique tips.

    Go For a Suite

    It is highly unlikely that your bachelor party will involve less than four people, so you will need at least two hotel rooms to accommodate everyone. It is an excellent idea to have a suite to use a natural place for your friends to congregate.

    You can use the suite to store your beer before going out and heal from the night’s activities afterwards. The best part is it will not cost you much as once you split the costs, everyone will only part with a small amount of money.

    Include an Alcohol-Free Activity

    The idea of taking part in an activity that does not involve taking alcohol during a bachelor party sounds bizarre. However, it offers a much-needed break from a continuous alcohol drinking spree to relax.

    You can choose to attend a sports match, go to a spa, off-road driving, snowboarding/ skiing, camping, or even rock climbing. Although you can take a bottle of beer during these activities, you will have accomplished something whose main goal was not getting shitfaced.

    Keep Clear Channels of Communication

    Unless you are planning a surprise party, which will call for keeping the guest of honour out of the loop, it is essential to make sure that everyone involved receives every detail during planning and execution. If everyone knows where to be and what to do, activities will flow much smoother.

    Make sure that you listen to every suggestion when planning the bachelor party, whether it will last for a few hours or a whole weekend, and look into sources like Bucks Party ideas Sydney for excellent recommendations. Technology has made active communication effortless and convenient; create a WhatsApp group to ensure that everyone stays informed.

    Keep Your Rooms Cold

    With about four men sharing a room for a couple of days, you will soon have the room stinking. It is paramount to keep the temperatures at about 65-degrees considering some of your friends will choose to forgo showering, rewind clothes, brushing their teeth only once a day, without forgetting the stench of sweat. Ensuring the rooms you retire to after many hours of fun activities will have you looking forward to the next day.

    Leave Room for Unforeseen Occurrences

    Like everything else in life, things may fail to flow without any hitch, so you must stay ready to improvise. You may need to reorganize your schedule and bring in additional activities, so it is best to make a flexible and versatile plan or develop a backup plan.

    The ability to remain flexible while sticking to your location, timeframe, and budget will help you deal with unexpected events effortlessly. For instance, if an acquaintance offers you tickets to see your mate’s favourite team last minute, you should find room for it in the schedule.

    Take a Monday Off

    It would be best if you did not have to go back to work on Monday after a bachelor party weekend. Instead, use the day to take naps, recharge to be productive on Tuesday. Therefore, if possible, make sure you do not have to report to work Monday morning before setting off.

    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Even if you choose to hold the bachelor party in your city, there is always something you have not experienced that you can do. Therefore, sit down with your friends and brainstorm unique ideas to come up with out of the box ideas. New activities offer excellent opportunities to make lifetime memories.

    There is no perfect guide for planning a fantastic bachelor party; you only need to blend your ideas, meet your expectations, and go with an open mind. Focus on having a great time with your mates and avoid stressing about minuscule things.        

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