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5 Advantages Of Using LED Strip Lights


The popularity of LED strip lights is really booming. It’s all thanks to their flexibility, both literal and practical — they are one of the most versatile options for illuminating various areas of homes and other buildings. Here are the most important benefits of using them in your place.

1. Long lifespan

Lifespan of a light source is a clear indicator of its quality. LED light bulbs and strips are far more long-lived than traditional lighting — their average lifespan (operating hours) is between 50k to 100+k. This means that you won’t have to change them often, which in turn will significantly lighten your maintenance budget.

2. Energy efficiency

LED based light sources can convert almost 80% of their energy into it. Therefore, replacing traditional lighting with LEDs can make it about 65-75% more energy efficient. This will not only lower your electricity bills, but also make your home far more environment-friendly. Moreover, high energy efficiency means that LED lights don’t heat up and can be safely touched, which is crucial when there are young children around. They also won’t overheat and pop.

3. Versatility

LED strip lights are flexible strips/tapes with peel-and-stick backs which can be placed almost anywhere and can be completely hidden out of sight — only the glow will be visible to the observer. They can be used both as additional points of illumination or as its main providers. LED strip lighting can be colour changing, making it a great mood setter. There are even strips with waterproof casings, which can be safely used even in wet places, e.g. in bathrooms, washing rooms or around the pool.

4. Quality lighting

Light provided by a LED strip light (or bulb) is precise and bright, providing ideal conditions for picking out the finer details. This also makes them great for lighting studies, working or reading areas. LED lighting is really well-balanced — there’s never any excess brightness or contrast level. LED strips have astonishingly high CRI (Colour Rendering Index), which means that everything under LED illumination will be visible in its original colour.

5. Smooth installation

LED strip lights, especially plug and play variations, are straightforward and easy to install. They can be set up without any hurdle and, in most cases, don’t need the involvement of an electrician (although connecting wired LED strips to mains may be tricky) — just make sure to pick up the right transformer.

LED strip lights – a superior lighting

LED strips are currently one of the best options for illuminating your home; they are very long-lived and have great parameters (especially cost/efficiency ratio). So when you’re looking for an innovative way to lighten up your home, and by the way make it far more planet-friendly, LED lights are at your fingertips.


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