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Exploring the incidents of congenital disabilities or injuries


Every expecting parent prays for the health of the child to be born. When you look at the statistics, you would realize that almost one in 33 babies tend to have congenital disabilities; some can be harmful because the child cannot lead an everyday life. Some of these congenital anomalies can be genetic and hence, unpreventable. However, others are often avertable. If there is a defect or injury in a newborn, it would need an investigation to ascertain the potential cause and means to avail compensation for the same.

Types and causes of birth defects and birth injuries

An experienced attorney will be able to handle any birth defect and birth injury incident. If you reside in Miami, you can consider Flagler Personal Injury Group for help, for example. The qualified lawyers know everything about these cases. Birth defects can happen to a baby in the womb during their development, while injuries can occur close to the time of birth or birthing process when the fetus is mature. Instances of defects can include cleft lips, clubfoot, Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, etc.

The birth injuries can range from bruising to fracture to asphyxia to subconjunctival bleeding, and so on.

Any of these and other such conditions can happen due to a specific cause; still, a few of them can be the outcome of medical negligence. Here is a quick glimpse of this.

  1. Harmful medicine

During pregnancy, one has to take care of the medications, and sometimes, certain medicines used in this phase can lead to congenital disabilities. A healthcare professional becomes liable if he or she suggested those medications to a lady despite being aware of the risks or fails to explain its dangers to a patient.

  • Lack of monitoring or proper treatment

It is the doctor’s responsibility to check a pregnant woman in her pregnancy, keeping up with the medical standards. To be precise, a diabetic woman needs adequate care and monitoring during pregnancy because of the higher chances of birth defects in a baby. But if a doctor fails to ensure this, they can be liable for an unpleasant outcome.

  • Error in the birthing process

Any error committed by a medical practitioner during the birthing process can also lead to liability. It can include unnecessary c-section, not noticing the fetus’ vital signs, or causing injuries by applying force while delivering a baby.

If you think that medical negligence is the cause behind your newborn’s congenital disability or injury, you can hold the healthcare worker responsible for it and claim damages. Since it involves legalities, you would need a professional attorney to guide you. A skilled lawyer can help get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, disability, ongoing medical care, and others.

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