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5 Benefits of Getting a Self Storage Unit


Self storage units are practical for residential and commercial use. With this, you can keep all your belongings in a safe and secured area. The self storage industry is now becoming more competitive with more than 1 400 sites in the UK! Due to its benefits, many UK residents see self storage units as a necessity in their lives.

Self storage facilities are doing their best to be consumer-friendly. With their excellent and cost-effective services, there is no doubt why people are renting storage spaces.

If you live in cities where it’s becoming a little too crowded like Brighton, you might want to consider renting storage units. Since Brighton is a commuter town and a popular destination, residential and commercial spaces can get expensive. With that, you might end up renting a small flat or office space to get by. Lucky for you, there are a lot of storage facilities in Brighton!

Not convinced with how beneficial self storage units can be? In this article, we give you 5 Benefits of Getting a Self Storage Unit. So, read more to find out!

Expand your Living or Work Space

Brighton is a thriving city that holds a lot of opportunities for residents. Although finding a flat or business space can be challenging. This is because of the tough competition and high property demand. From there, expanding your business or living space can be a struggle. Good thing there are self storage units available in Brighton! With this, you can use your open area because the clutter and extra items won’t prevent you from doing so.

Besides, with more space, you can live comfortably and have a chance to grow your business. You can also focus more on being productive instead of wasting your time arranging the clutter.

Rent is More Affordable

The average rental cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Brighton is £940. Meanwhile, the usual starting price for a commercial space is about £23.07 per square foot. From there, you can see how expensive it can be in Brighton.

Renting a storage unit is cheaper than getting extra living or commercial space. You even have the freedom to choose the size, making it flexible and convenient for your needs! The size ranges from 10 sq. ft locker to a 320 sq. ft. storage space. Besides, several self storage units in Brighton give out discounts to clients! That way, you can save more money while having more space in your home or business space.

Remember to be keen on the units’ quality instead of focusing on the affordability rate. Read here on how to find the best self storage unit in Brighton.

Guarantees the Safety and Security of Your Items

Having a self storage unit in Brighton means that your items are safe due to the tight security systems in place. They have 24/7 CCTVs, security fences, and on-duty personnel. These are to ensure that no thief can break into your storage space. Besides, since the entire facility is under surveillance,  illegal acts can be seen and ceased immediately.

Your things are more safe to stay in storage units compared to your home or office. This is because storage facilities are also climate-controlled and have no damp areas. With that, your documents, appliances, or furniture will be in their best condition!

Convenient for Safekeeping and Accessible 24/7

Once you rent a storage space, you can access your belongings anytime you want! Since there are storage facilities spread throughout Brighton, you won’t have to suffer from the long drive or commute. Several storage facilities are also open 24/7. From there, you can come to your unit if you need to get or check your items right away.  If you want, you can even get an insurance cover to have your things compensated once lost or damaged. That way, you won’t be distressed with any accidents that may occur.

It is also easier to rent a storage unit because they accept long-term to short-term leases. If you are relocating or renovating homes, storage facilities are quite convenient. Here, you can temporarily keep your belongings while doing other things for your relocation or home improvement. For more tips on renovating your home, read here!

Perfect for Inventory and Storing Equipment

With a self storage unit, you can easily keep anything you want. From household items, clothes, products, to sports equipment, you can keep it here! If parking is an issue for your motor vehicle, you can look for a storage facility that accepts this type of item. Do you have seasonal items like Christmas decorations or products sold only during summer? This is the best place to store it.

What’s great about renting a storage space is that you are free to keep any belongings that are not dangerous. Since safety and security are ensured, inventory management won’t take too long!


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