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Safety Equipment You Need For Your DIY Projects


Before you start any DIY project, make sure you have all the safety equipment needed. It does not matter how great you are and what your skills are. You absolutely always need to protect yourself. The most common safety equipment that is usually needed for DIY projects is the following.

Safety Shoes

When working, the right footwear is essential and must never be missing. But which quality features are particularly important? Proper safety shoes should have protective features. They should be waterproof, well made, robust and durable, and of course they should also offer good stability

The purchase of special safety shoes can be worthwhile. The manufacturer of professional workwear and industrial safety products engelbert strauss sells both work shoes without protective toecap and with toe protection in its online shop. The latter prevent injuries from sharp objects, pressure and impacts. The shoes enthuse with their quality, long life and the safety they can guarantee.

Safety Glasses

These are always affordable and you should actually have a stock available in your workshop. The best thing you can do is to stick with the name brand glasses since they are OSHA-regulated. Opt for the wraparound safety glasses since they offer the most protection, together with features that are highly beneficial, like anti-glare and anti-fog. Tinted safety glasses are preferred when you do work outside since sunglasses never offer the protection needed.

Hearing Protection

Do you often find yourself using outdoor power equipment or power tools? These are louder than you might think. They can reach a volume of 105 dB. If you are exposed to noise over 90 dB for a long period of time, you can end up with damage to your hearing. This is why hearing protection is so vital for your DIY projects.

The best choice is always an earmuff. It covers the entire ear and even an inexpensive model can reduce noise by around 20 dB. Just make sure that earmuffs are comfortable for long-term wear. If you use tools that are particularly loud, choose options with active noise canceling.


Various toxic airborne particulates can appear when you do work at home. This includes fiberglass, mold, and asbestos. The respirator mask is always a requirement if you do work in an area where you might be exposed to such toxic particles. Usually, these include filters that are replaceable. This means you also need to have extra filters with you at all times.

Work Gloves

Last but not least, do not neglect work gloves. They are great for DIY projects and home improvement projects. Preferably, use a pair that is lightweight and made out of a material that is suitable for the project you work on.


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