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Accident-Proofing Your Workplace

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Health and safety is vital in a workplace. By law, it’s your duty as an employer to protect your employees and it makes good business sense as it can help you reduce the number of absences due to injuries that could easily have been prevented.

Here are a few ways in which you could consider accident-proofing your workplace:

A Logical Office Set-Up

The most effective way to stay accident-free in the workplace is by thinking about the layout of your office space.

You should try to arrange your desks so that there’s a clear line of vision when your employees are walking from one point to the next. With awkward desks and blind corners, you run the risk of collisions when people are making turns in the hallways or past cubicles.

Automatic Window Openers

Going automatic can help you reduce any accidents caused by old-fashioned windows, heavy ones or ones that are difficult to reach places in the office.

Electric window openers, such as the ones from Rocburn Limited, help prevent your employees from having accidents by providing a safe, affordable and clever solution to a problem you may not have considered before.

Non-Slip Flooring

Carpeting or skid resistant flooring can help prevent any slips or falls in the workplace. As we all probably know, the soles of our smart footwear don’t always offer the best grip, so a slippery floor can become an obstacle when you’re rushing from one meeting to the next.

If you can’t get a carpet fitted in the office, another effective way to prevent falls can be to use warning signs. If the cleaners have been in or there has been a spillage, a wet floor sign can serve as a warning for people to tread carefully in that area.

Keeping the Ground Clear

Proper storage, like shelves and cupboards, can help you steer clear of trip hazards. Storing magazines, leaflets and other paperwork and boxes on a shelf rather than on the floor will reduce the risk of accidents.

Your employees may be in a rush to get somewhere, they might be carrying a large box that obscures their vision when walking, or even just not taking much notice to where they’re walking. As it’s your responsibility to protect the safety of your employees, you should ensure their path is clear around the office.

Another common trip hazard in an office environment is wires. There’s a simple solution here as you can bundle together wires and keep them off the ground. It’s a cheap option that’s incredibly effective when accident-proofing your workplace.

Ergonomic Furniture

Accidents in the workplace can also include injuries sustained by employees who don’t have an adequate work station for their needs. In 2016, the second most common reason for sickness absence (coming in after coughs and colds) was musculoskeletal problems. This added up to a shocking 30.8 million days in the UK – 22.4% of the total. This included back pain, neck and upper limb problems, which may have been caused by uncomfortable chairs.

Ergonomic furniture is well worth the investment, considering how much time your employees spend sitting at their desks. Not only can they reduce back and neck pains, they also support posture and provide a comfortable place to work.

Protect your employees and make sure they’re safe and happy in the workplace by following our guide to accident-proofing your office. When you offer a safer environment, you’re more likely to have a more productive workforce and reduce the number of sick days – good news for both you and your employees!


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