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Benefits Of A Sit Stand Desk On Your Posture & Overall Health


Benefits Of A Sit Stand Desk On Your Posture & Overall Health

Working adults regularly spend over seven hours of their day sitting down. Unfortunately though, people who sit down for the majority of the day are at an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, being inactive is also linked to weight gain and obesity.

Fortunately, you can improve your posture and overall health with a sit stand desk. Here are the main benefits of using an adjustable desk during your working day.

  • Reduce back pain

The majority of adult office workers will suffer from back pain over their lifetime, with incorrect posture being the biggest cause of back problems. Looking down at your screen and rolling your shoulders forward all contribute to extra strain on your back. Make sure you keep your head, neck, chest and legs in line and vertical. Using a footrest can help to distribute your weight from foot to foot.

Studies have shown that using a sit stand desk for at least an hour a day can improve back pain by taking the pressure off your neck and lower back.

  • Lowers your risk of heart disease

Standing up lowers your blood sugar, cholesterol and weight, which all subsequently lowers your risk of heart disease. Standing at your desk helps to keep your heart healthy because your heart works harder to circulate blood as you burn calories. Being physically active will help you maintain a healthy weight, putting less stress on your heart.

  • Helps prevent weight gain

We all know that our bodies need to move in order to burn fat. Simply standing at your desk rather than sitting burns calories with no effort required. Research suggests that you can burn between 100 to 200 calories an hour when standing. If you stand for one hour a day you could burn between 500 and 1000 calories more during your working week.

  • Lowers blood sugar levels and risk of diabetes

Researchers have found that people who stand more than sitting down are at lower risk of developing diabetes. When you move your body, your muscles and cells get energy by absorbing sugar from the blood. If people are sat for the majority of their day, these signals don’t happen which means that your blood contains high levels of blood sugar which can cause diabetes.

  • Improves energy levels and overall mood

A recent UCL-led study has revealed that adults who sit down all day are more likely to develop depression than those who are more active in their jobs.

Standing up increases blood flow around your body and enhances the creation of brain cells, meaning you can focus for longer and be more productive in your tasks. Simply moving more is proven to improve your mood and relieve anxiety and stress. A standing desk will ensure you maintain a good posture, which also contributes to how you’re feeling. A bad posture can put you in a bad mood.


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