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Importance of drying hands after washing


Washing your hands is a hygiene measure that helps reduce the amount of germs and bacteria that permeate our skin through constant use and contact with different surfaces. However, we have traditionally neglected an equally important part of the hand cleaning procedure, such as hand drying. Drying your hands is just as important, and even more critical, to do the total procedure correctly.

In European countries, different governments have created in recent decades a series of measures and specifications aimed at regulating this simple daily activity, especially in public or multiple-use toilets such as in a company or office, where several people interact.

Consequently, from these regulations elaborated by the different European countries, we observe that a large part of these measures have been standardized in most of the countries of that continent.

Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and others, have been technologically updating these hand washing systems, adapting them to the current regulations in each of them.

Very important improvements have been devised among them between the drying mechanisms with air flow or hot air, also ergonomically adapted to the use of different people, even for the disabled. In particular, in France we find a leading company in technological advancement with innovative hand dryers made in France, which have managed to unify quality and efficiency, at budget-friendly price, suitable for any company or business.

But is drying hands after washing them really that important?

The accumulation of dirt can become a source of infection that affects our health. Due to this reason, for many decades, health programs have implemented the teaching of correct hand washing that highlights the importance of washing before preparing food and before and after going to the bathroom, without neglecting hand drying, as it is more easy to acquire germs or bacteria in areas where there is moisture on the skin.

It is primarily important to dry your hands properly after washing. Maybe some people prefer cloth or paper towels, but the most advantageous thing is to do it with air, cleaner and pure.

Some types of hand dryers

Currently, for the types of hand dryers there is a great diversity in the European market. From digital motors, plastic or steel materials, to eco-friendly dryers. How to choose what is practical and functional for your company? It is a decision that is important to make, and you should ask for proper advice from people who are knowledgeable about hygiene and environmental safety. These devices should respect the environment where they are used.

Hand drying and its relationship with the environment

Did you know that around 15 million trees are lost in the world every year? An alarming figure if we think that, if we continue like this, in 300 years we will no longer have more trees. Hand washing is a hygiene measure. It is known that drying hands with air dryers and other non-invasive means (with the environment), minimize the cost of paper and therefore, preserving the environment and protection of trees.


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