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LED Video Wall Creating a Flexible Visual Experience


In today’s day, technology has been easily and seamlessly integrating with our everyday life. This is why all entities, whether they are an individual or business, are becoming more creative in the way they provide a visual experience. First came LED video walls, which is a flat panel display that utilizes diodes that emit light as pixels to show videos, then came the mobile LED video wall, Doitvision video walls supplier is one of the best led video manufacturers on the market.

In simple words, a mobile LED video wall is a video wall that is built into a mobile vehicle. So, several display panels are used to create a mobile LED video wall by linking each one to the other. This creates a display on a mobile apparatus. This comes as no surprise that mobile LED video walls are becoming a more and more popular tool used by several companies whether a large corporation or small business organizations in order to capture and engage their target market and key demographic. This is largely because of the fact that mobile LED video walls are able to create a visual experience that is both engaging as well as flexible. Here are all the reasons that contribute to the flexibility of this product.

Can Be Operated from A Distance

A mobile LED video wall is considered to be a part of digital advertising technology. What this means is that is like other technologies that fall within this umbrella term, a mobile LED video wall has the ability to be operated and controlled from anywhere. In fact, all that you need to operate your mobile LED video wall is something as simple as a connection to Wi-Fi.

On The Go Visual Experience

This comes as no surprise that a major reason behind the flexibility of the visual experience provided by a mobile LED video wall is that it is built on a vehicle. This vehicle of course has the ability to transport this LED video wall anywhere an automobile can access. This is why it provides an on-the-go visual experience. So, mobile LED video walls are quite popular at events where the crowd is dispersed and going to different places and on their feet for most of the time. This flexibility allows for higher audience engagement and you can make sure that your content is in front of the eyes of the people at all times.

Easy To Set Up

Flexibility in the visual experience of a mobile LED video wall doesn’t just come from the fact that the mobile vehicle can go anywhere but it also comes from the fact that this product is easy to set up. Mobile LED video walls have the ability to be hooked up to a vehicle, that too, under a span of 20 minutes. The process is simple and time-efficient, which is why they have been taking the marketing world by storm. The properties of a mobile LED video wall that allow for easy portability and ease of set up are that they are safe to tow around and are quite light in weight. So, they can be easily hooked as well as unhooked on different vehicles. You can even tow the mobile LED video wall from one event to the other or between client to client. 

Of course, the biggest advantage and edge that a mobile LED video wall has is the fact that it allows its owner or renter to create a visual experience that is flexible. In today’s day, where people are constantly on the move, there is no doubt that a mobile LED video wall is a great product to keep in your arsenal.

DOIT Vision’s Matrix 500

At the point when individuals investigate the Matrix 500 arrangement, there is no rejecting that a lot of exertion has gone into fostering this wonderful item. Regardless of whether there are no new developments as far as electronic innovation, the Matrix 500 arrangement contemplates the guidelines of every individual in the group: the professional, the substance maker, the videographer, and surprisingly the creation team.

DOIT Vision’s Matrix arrangement has enough varieties to oblige a wide scope of makers. The pixel pitch goes from a 2.6mm (P2.6 is also very suitable for led wall film, click here more) to a 3.9mm choice for indoor screen, and 3.9mm to 4.8mm for the outside screens.

Since each amazing item starts with assembling, DOIT Vision guarantees that their virtual creation LED divider in the Matrix 500 arrangement is made with the best quality crude materials, for example, the gold-plated connector pins and alpha fastening glue to hold the whole divider together.


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