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Major Types of Pond Liners


Are you shopping for a pond liner and do not know about the various types? Do you want to set up a pond but have little or no knowledge of the multiple kinds of liners? Don’t worry, we‘ve got you covered! This informative guide will put you through the different types of pond liners, their major features, advantages, and disadvantages of using them.

There is three major kinds of pond liners:

  • Flexible pond liners
  • Concrete pond liners
  • Preformed pond liners

Flexible Pond Liners

Flexible pond liners just like the name imply offer you the choice of setting up your pond to fit into your taste and design. Flexible pond liners are made in rolls and cut into standard size cut pieces. There are various custom cuts which are available; you can buy them and set up your pond according to your specifications.

There are different materials used in making flexible pond liners, but the most common material used is the EPDM. The cost of a flexible liner is directly proportional to the thickness of the material. If the material is thick and durable, the price would be on the high side. While setting up a pond using a flexible liner, ensure to prepare the ground and remove all sharp objects or rocks. This will avoid any damage to the liner on the floor.

Preformed Pond Liners

If you have no idea on how to set up a pond, you can opt for the preformed pond liners. This type of pond liners is favorite among persons looking to set up a quick pond. The liner provides a fast setting for both the in-ground or above ground pond.

Just like the flexible pond liners, the cost of the preformed pond liners depends on the thickness of the materials. Thick and durable materials are more expensive.

The only problem with this kind of liners is that you can’t customize them to your taste. However, they are very durable and can serve your pond needs.

Concrete Liners

Concrete liners are the most common type of pond liners. They are the strongest but require the services of an expert for proper installation. However, it’s difficult to set up concrete ponds because of the labor involved in mixing and pouring concrete. It is more expensive to set up and requires adequate maintenance to ensure it remains in good shape.

You will need various epoxies and sealants for a concrete liner to ensure it has a beautiful finish. Also, the sealants are used to fix cracks and breakages on the concrete. With the invention of fish-safe epoxy for finishing concrete ponds, you can now coat your concrete liner and be sure your pond is safe for breeding.

Now you have learned about all the types of pond liners; you can go ahead and make your choice according to your preference. If you want a reliable liner you won’t be dismantling anytime soon, then you can go for concrete liners. But if you are looking at a flexible, customizable pond, then try out the flexible pond liners.


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