Home Design How renovating your shed can improve your outdoor space

How renovating your shed can improve your outdoor space

Garden shed exterior in Spring, with woodshed

If you have a shed, you might not have realised what a major asset it could be to your home. Research cited by PropertyWire suggests that a shed could help add as much as 20% to a property’s price. However, even if you don’t intend to sell your house at any point soon, you could still renovate your shed to surprisingly impressive effect for your outdoor space’s functionality. Here is how…

Enlarge your garden shed

In the previously mentioned research, a group comprising garden designers, estate agents, consultants and property professionals cited a decent-sized shed as the garden feature which would most improve a property’s value. Thus, if your shed is small, you should perhaps reconsider its size.

However, why is shed size a major factor in a property’s value anyway? It’s not actually too difficult to speculate about why. As also noted by PropertyWire, property expert Nina Hayward remarks that “extra storage space is always helpful, so a shed can be an understated asset to any garden.”

People who live in glass sheds…

… should not only avoid throwing stones but also make effective use of that glass by allowing more sunlight to shine into the structure. This, in turn, can lower their electricity usage and, thus, also their energy bills and carbon footprint.

Now, it is very unlikely that your own glass shed would comprise wholly of glass; instead, it could largely feature simply walls of glass. This is one example of the forward-thinking shed designs which have recently emerged in prominence. It also means that, if you would like to use your shed for a purpose requiring abundant light, adding glass walls to your shed can deliver huge energy efficiency.

The patience of a paint

While renovating that shed, you could give both its interior and exterior fresh licks of paint. If you would love that shed to regularly draw the eye, opt for bold and vibrant colours, as the UK Home Improvement blog recommends. If you would instead prefer that shed to largely blend into the background, it would be wiser to select neutral shades of black, white or grey.

However, whatever colours or finishes you favour in the paints for your shed, use only paints that have zero – or nearly zero – VOCs, which can harm both your health and the environment.

Have the shed’s roof repaired, if necessary

Before going ahead with painting the shed, you should check its roof – as far as you can safely do so. You might prefer to leave that responsibility to roofing professionals, who may also be able to fix any shed issues that they come across during the inspection.

Finding roofing professionals who would be capable of both inspecting and repairing your shed’s roof could be arduous. However, it would be easier if you typed a search term such as “roofing repair companies near me” into Google. Look for a company that lists “shed roofs” among its roofing services and has many years of experience in the roofing business.


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