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What you need to know before buying patio furniture covers


Patio furniture covers is very important to protect patio furniture outdoor patio, because it will make your patio looks neat and clean. When you using patio, patio has lots of dust at the time, patio chairs are dirty all the time, if patio furniture covers not properly fitted or damaged can cause their material will be broken quickly by the wind even through the summer season. There are three types of patio furniture covers available in stores which are polyethylene resin patio covers, metal patio cover and fabrics patio cover that made from vinyl fabric.

Every type has different quality and price.

Polyethylene resin patio covers

Poly ethylene resin (plastic) patio cover is very popular choice for many people who want to buy a best affordable price for their patio furniture.

Metal patio cover

For metal patio cover, choose steel patio cover to protect patio furniture better than aluminum patio because it is harder and has a long life. Patio chairs made from this material is very durable and will be more expensive than patio sets made from other materials. You can buy patio set that combined with both resin and metal material especially if you want the best one for your patio since it has good strength for heavy duty work.

Fabric patio covers

Most of fabric patio covers are not waterproof so when it rains, you need to remove your patio furniture covers or else it will get wet and gets damage quickly. If you live in areas where there is high humidity, then fabrics patio cover do not fit while if you live in area where there is low humidity then it can be a durable patio furniture covers that has good quality.

There are few tips to buy patio set cover with the best price and high quality such as:

  • Buy patio set cover with adjustable tie downs, so when windy you need not hold patio chair covers with hands to keep patio seat cushions from blowing away
  • Make sure that patio set covers have steel grommets in patio table and for chair which extra protection against tear and wear
  • Patio furniture covers should have elastic hem cord in order to stay tightly on the top of patio table and chairs when covered with patio furniture covers. This will avoid pulling or fading due to weather condition. Always remember during raining season it will be harder to patio furniture covers so always look at patio furniture cover where you can tighten all patio table and chairs in order to keep it safe even when patio set is covered with patio furniture covers
  • Make sure before buying patio sets that have detachable or zipper patio covers because when this material has flaws then it will easily break off.
  • Do not spend too much time when choosing patio chair covers since most of online sellers are selling good quality patio sets for reasonable prices, but do not expect the price is too cheap either. When you buy large amount of patio set with special deal then you get affordable price for your outdoor living space.

Patio furniture covers should fit perfectly on your outdoor seating especially if you live in areas with windy weather. If patio furniture covers is not in good condition then patio will look unkempt and untidy, so always keep patio furniture covers after you used it outdoor. You can buy patio table cover or patio chair cover for each piece of patio set but if you want to save time and money, just buy the best quality patio sets with patio table cover and patio chair covers in affordable prices.


Patio furniture covers is important parts of patio set because it protects patio furniture from harsh weather conditions. You can save money and time by buying patio chair cover for each patio chair since you only need to wash patio chair covers instead of washing whole patio sets.

Patio furniture covers are necessary in order to protect patio furniture from bad weather conditions especially when you live in areas with strong windy where patio chair cushions will be empty after patio set blown away. Just follow the tips above and find patio sets with patio furniture cover for your outdoor living space such as patio chairs and patio table with umbrella.


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