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Cleaning the Patio Slabs with Washing Powder


The patio is a paved outdoor area of a building or home utilized as a living area or seating. And the slab is a big, flat piece of rock, or other solid material, generally in rectangular form. Patio slabs are typically used for sheathing the paving of the patio. The most asked question is, “How to clean the Patio Slabs?” The answer is not straightforward because it is made from an ample range of paving slabs. And every stone type demands a distinct cleaning procedure. It is suggested to call for service from Gb Cleaning Services Norfolks. It supplies outdoor cleaning experts for your outer space, providing effective and secure cleaning solutions. They have the best exterior cleaning specialist you can rely on and trust. While discussing renovations, many homeowners also inquire about the loft conversion costs as a way to add value and space to their homes.

Patio slabs are available in a vast range, which is all suitable for patios. Concrete paving slabs, Natural stone paving, Porcelain paving, and Block paving are some of the most generally used patio slabs. As patio slabs directly interact with the environment, nearby trees and shrubs, wind, time, climate, frost, and many other factors affect them greatly. It’s mandatory to clean the patio slabs suitably to hold their life and loveliness. The factors cited earlier specify the frequency by which the patio slabs need cleaning.

Each natural stone with which patio slabs are made has unique and unusual chemical formatting. Using the same cleaning method on them can have a damaging effect. In this regard, calling the experts is the best option or choice. But you can even clean the patio slabs by yourselves. Cleaning the patio slabs using soapy water, vinegar, a pressure washer, and washing powder are the most typical ways. The method is chosen according to ease and type of the patio slabs.

Cleaning the patio slabs with washing powder

Washing Powder is a soap or detergent in the state of a powder used for washing clothes, towels, bed linen, sheets, etc. It is a chemical blend that removes stubborn and persistent taint from laundry. Cleaning the patio slabs with washing powder is an easy way. It seems simple, but washing powder works marvelously on a dirty patio. Moreover, the washing powder can be chosen considering the material of the patio slabs. In this way, it is a more feasible way to cleanse the patio slabs. The steps to clean the patio slabs with washing powder are explained below briefly:

1.     Prepping the place for cleaning:

Before cleaning the patio slabs with washing powder, it is crucial to do some preparations. The washing powder solution may affect the patio’s delicate and costly furniture. Moving the furniture from the patio is advisable before washing it. Moreover, it is urged to pick up the trunk, a tree bough, or other dirt. Emptying the area and sweeping the place before starting to clean the patio is highly recommended.

2.     Preparing the solution:

Preparing the washing powder solution is the next step. Take a clean bucket. Pour some washing powder into the base of your bucket. Make sure to check that the washing powder you are using suits the material with which the patio slabs are made. Add warm water to the bucket. Gently mix it with a hand or any spoon. Keep on mixing this until a nice foam layer is formed.

It will give you a large quantity of solution to work with. The quantity of water and washing powder should be chosen depending on the dirt on your patio slabs and the size of the patio.

3.     Splashing and scrubbing  the solution of washing powder on patio slabs:

After the mixture of washing powder is ready, the next step is pouring the solution of washing powder on the patio slabs and then start scrubbing it. There are two ways to wash the patio slabs with the solution of the washing powder.

  • First Way:

Throw all the solution of the washing powder at once. Let it sponge the dirt from the patio slabs. Then, after some time, start scrubbing it with the hard-bristled brush. The mud and debris on the patio slabs will start rinsing away as you go on scrubbing. It will require less effort while scrubbing on the patio. Moreover, you might need a large amount of washing powder solution if your patio is large.

  • Second way:

The second way to clean the patio slabs with a washing powder solution is to start from the corners. Splash a little solution on the small area and start scrubbing that specific area with the hard-bristled brush. Keep repeating the splashing and scrubbing procedure until the whole patio is covered. If your patio is large, you might need to run inside a few times to fill up your bucket with the cleaning mixture.

TIP: Remember to scrub diagonally. Because the random motion of the brush while scrubbing may cause the jointing compound to come out. Diagonal scrubbing will be gentle on the jointing compound; thus, less will come out during cleaning.

4.     Cleaning with Water:

After the patio is scrubbed thoroughly with a brush, it’s time to rinse the dirt. You can even use a bucket of water or a pipe to clear the unclean or impure water. Throw the water on the patio, so that dirty water flows directly into a drainage point.

5.     Checking the Jointing Compound:

The stiff brush can cause the jointing compound of the patio slabs to come out. After clearing the dirty water, it is advised to check these joints. Suppose you witness any of the jointing compounds coming out during your cleaning. It is suggested to add in some more to fill in the gaps.

Please wait for the patio to dry completely, then you can put your furniture back in its actual place. After this, you are good to go!


Cleaning the patio slabs with washing powder is a simple and effective method. Before starting cleansing the patio, clear the area and then do a fine sweep with the broom. After this, prepare the solution of washing powder in a bucket using warm water and washing powder. For this, pour some washing powder with warm water into a bucket and mix it until it forms a soapy mixture.

Splash the solution on the area and scrub it with a hard-bristled brush. It will help lift the dirt off the patio slabs. Keep scrubbing until your patio is entirely clean. After this, wash away the dirty soapy water using water. Inspect the jointing compound in the patio slabs and fill it if there are any gaps. Then let the patio dry off before returning any furniture to its original spot.


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