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How Morley Glass Support Yorkshire Through Sponsorships and Community Projects


As the UK’s largest manufacturer of integral blinds, Morley Glass is a highly successful company.  However, despite its success the company’s ethos is centred on giving back to the local community of Yorkshire. Morley Glass makes this possible through the range of scholarships and community projects that it supports within the Yorkshire community. This article shall explore a sample of initiatives Morley Glass have supported over the years as well as the creation of its GreenVision fund.


Morley Glass offers sponsorships to a wide range of rugby, dance, and cricket organisations. This is the company’s way of giving back to the local community and supporting Yorkshire’s sport and recreational scene. Examples of clubs that Morley Glass have sponsored include Featherstone Rugby Lions and Freedom2Dance school.

The Freedom2dance scholarship was created in September 2018 thanks to the backing that it received from Morley Glass and the scholarship allows dance students to engage in competitions and develop their dancing skills and confidence. As a result of the scholarship provided by Morley Glass, many of the dancers achieved multiple trophies and recognition within competitions. Another long-term sponsor Morley Glass supports is the annual North Leeds Charity Beer festival.  In 2019 £10,000 was raised thanks to this generous sponsorship and the money raised was put back into Leeds.

Community Projects

Morley Glass also supports various community projects that are outside the realm of sport. Vets in the Community is a project run by vets from the University of Nottingham and the project provides free veterinary care to pets that belong to homeless and vulnerable individuals.  The initiative has run since 2012 and offers free vaccinations, treatment for flea and worming as well as general pet health care advice.  Support from Morley Glass has assisted the Vets in the Community project to buy suitable equipment for the clinic and medicine which is required for the range of animals that the project serves. As of 2019 the initiative had treated over 300 cats, dogs, and other pets such as rabbits and ferrets. 

GreenVision Fund

The GreenVision fund is a unique funding scheme created by Morley Glass which raises money through glass recycling to support environmental initiatives throughout West Yorkshire. The fund was established in 2019 in conjunction with Saint-Gobain Glass.

Saint Gobain recycles the crushed glass and turns it into new glass through an energy efficient process. Despite numerous COVID-19 lockdowns, over 550 tonnes of glass have been recycled through the selling of crushed glass to this company. The GreenVision fund offers up to £500 worth of funding to communities, schools, and nurseries to assist in their environmental projects.

Roundhay School in Leeds have benefitted from the scheme as the saplings which will contribute to their urban forestation tree planting initiative will be funded through a £500 grant donated by Morley Glass through the GreenVision fund. The school project endeavours to increase urban forestation in the neighbourhood and increase oxygen levels and reduce CO2 levels through the planting of trees. Morley Glass have, therefore, significantly contributed to improving communities throughout Yorkshire


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