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5 Ways to Make Your Garage Safer for Your Car


Almost 90% of families use garage doors to enter and leave their homes. This makes it clear that garage doors play a vital role in the daily lives of most families. When the performance of your garage door begins to tank, you may have the question- do I need to get a new one or should I  wait a few more years? While professional maintenance should be an option for serious matters, sometimes it is not enough to fix the problem. In such cases, a new installation becomes beneficial, and in a number of ways.

Safety is important, especially when you keep your car in the garage. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things you can do to enhance security and keep your favorite car safe.

(i) Install a New Garage Door

Getting a new or modern door comes with an array of benefits. It not only ascertains a higher level of security in your property, but it enhances your home’s curb appeal and value. These doors are also energy efficient, helping keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer during the cold months. You also get to enjoy some of the appealing perks like remote control access and keyless entry, further boosting safety.

In addition, they come with long-lasting warranties and do not call for much in terms of maintenance.

(ii) Proper Lighting is Essential

Lighting your garage properly can boost the safety of your vehicles. That’s because it helps you see potential hazards like debris and spills than can either injure you or cause damage to your car. Additionally, it enhances visibility when getting in and out of the garage, thus reducing the chances of accidents. Ideal lighting can also discourage intruders from targeting your home as it is hard for them to hide in the shadows.

With these tips, your garage should be safer for your car and other items you store in this space.

(ii) Check for Leaks and Make the Necessary Repairs

It is also important to check for any leaks and make the necessary repairs in the garage. Leaks can damage your car and make the space unsafe for using the garage. Damage also creates potential hazards like tripping hazards, which can cause severe injuries. In addition, leaks can result in the growth of mold, which becomes a health issue in the entire home.

So, ensure you inspect your garage for damages or leaks and fix any issues as soon as possible before they become a major concern with a new flat roof covering – perhaps add a flexiproof EPDM membrane to ensure dryness. This will not only help keep your cars safe but also you and your loved ones.

(iv) Store Flammable Materials and Chemicals Properly

Storing flammable items and chemicals securely in the garage is essential for the safety of your home. Failure to do so only exposes others on the property to the risk of chemical spills and fire.

Additionally, they can be a danger to the surrounding neighborhood. So, ensure you correctly store these materials in sealed containers and a well-ventilated place.

Proper storage of these materials can also prevent them from becoming harmful to the environment or from degrading, which further makes the space safer for your car.

(v) Clear the Debris

To keep your car safe inside your garage, it is important that you keep the floor clear of debris. This includes rocks, oil spills, and other objects that might scratch the paint job or cause damage to the tires.

Clearing debris comes with several advantages. It boosts your garage’s overall look, keeping it more organized and tidy. Also, you won’t find it hard to find your items as they’re not buried under a pile of clutter. It also prevents damage to your car and other items that you keep in the garage. So, ensure you do the sweeping and cleaning on a regular basis to keep the floor cleaner and more hygienic.


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