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The spiritual value in moving house


Moving house often makes us feel good. Perhaps we’re making an investment, moving closer to work, or even moving in with a loved one. But there’s often a deeper value that comes from changing spaces, and while this might not be your first consideration when house-hunting, it can actually go a long way. This is because new beginnings have always been symbolic – perhaps representing a fresh start. Change is often a good thing, something we don’t tend to realise and even take for granted.

A new space gives mental clarity

We’ve all been there – sitting struggling with our work or our craft for hours, unable to make any progress. How strange, then, when we are suddenly able to see things with fresh new eyes and in a new light, simply by walking away and changing our scenery. When we move house, life is just like that analogy. You might find yourself feeling more inspired and productive – it’s amazing how much of our mental wellbeing is linked to our home. After all, the place you live centres you. You’re supposed to feel comfortable there, and so you need to make it the best it can be.

You can become a more spiritual version of yourself

As we’ve seen, moving home means a fresh start, but it can also promote a more mindful version of ourselves, too. When you’re actively thinking about the space and how the world around you affects your energy, then you’re more open to thinking about how everything in your world combines to make you who you are. Perhaps when hunting for a new home, you could consider the space when it comes to certain activities. You might consider where your desk will go for practising creative writing for mindfulness, or potentially where you’ll unravel your yoga mat to make the best of the sunrise while getting in touch with a deeper part of yourself. You may even consider clairvoyant readings to guide you in these decisions, and show you how your actions and the spaces around you can change your mentality.

You can spiritually cleanse your home

Believe it or not, you can cleanse your home when you move into it to remove any negative energy. There are a number of ways you can do this – such as feng shui. It is an ancient Chinese practice, and there is an art to it. Take into account all of the different elements, and pay close attention to air and light. You must physically clear the clutter, but also spiritually clean the space to banish anything bad. This can be done by burning candles or herbs. Alternatively, you can use visualisation techniques. These may sound silly, but if you picture the light you want to radiate into your life, the power of your thoughts alone can encourage that kind of positivity.

A harmonious home is a happy home – and when you move house, you should always be taking that into consideration.


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