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Can Bookies Manage Problem Gambling Effectively?


The number of online and mobile betting sites and betting apps now massively outnumbers land based betting shops and sportsbooks, and that is of course all down to the fact of how easy it is to gamble online or via an app and there has been a massive increase in the number of people choosing to gamble in those two environments.

That has however come to the attention of the UK Gambling Commission who have been concerned for quite some time with the number of people who have been reporting gambling related problems when betting online or via their mobile devices.

That organisation has been rolling out quite a lot of different rules and regulations over the last year or so relating to responsible gambling and have become quite strict in those regards too. That’s how the GamStop scheme came to life with the purpose of helping players with serious gambling problems. 

However, as you will probably be aware, there are lots of bookies not on gamstop that will still allow you to register as a new customer, and they are of course going to be the great many bookies and sportsbooks that are based out of the UK.

As such what all UKGC license holders have to do is to ensure that every single customer of theirs are able to make use of a full set of responsible gambling tools each and every single time they log into their accounts.

Those tools include them being able to set a time limit on how long they can stay logged into their accounts for, they must also be allowed to set a deposit limit too and once they reach that limit, they must not be allowed to deposit any more funds into their account, and they can also choose any period of time too that a deposit will be in place on their accounts for as well.

GamStop Appeal to Many Problematic Gamblers

As the number of people that are finally admitting they have a gambling relate problem is always growing, I want to give you an overview of one service that I do know is going to be of great help to everybody out there that is reading this article and does want to give up gambling.

That is a service that is offered by GamStop, they are a UK organisation that works hand in hand with all gambling site operators located and licensed in the United Kingdom and their self-exclusion register is accessed by each of those gambling site operators.

By adding your nae not it those operators will scan their customer database and if they find a match with your details on that database, they then take immediate steps to close your account down.

They are then also obliged to ensure that if you somehow go on to try and open another account with any of those sites, they will also block you from doing just that.

So, for those of you that have made a commitment to stop gambling and need a good starting point to do so, make sure you next port of call is the GamStop website and make sure that above everything else you set about doing today you sign up to their service as that way you are going to start your journey to give up gambling.

Another Suggestion for those Who Want to Stop Gambling Online

I know some of you out there may shy away from reaching out for help and support with any gambling problems that you may be experiencing and using GamStop would be one quick fix to stop you at the very least gambling at UK licensed betting and gambling sites.

As for how you can go about self-excluding yourself from those additional sites, well there is no scheme in place to allow you to do a similar thing you will be doing with the UK industry wide self-exclusion register offered by GamStop, and as such you will be faced with having to contact each bookie individually one by one to get you removed from their customer base or get them to block you from ever opening an account at their sites.

There is however one way you can block yourself from every gambling site online and not just betting sites, and that is by you downloading a gambling site blocker onto any mobile devices you own and any computers you have access to, once you do just that you will never be able to visit any such sites, therefore instantly removing any temptation you get to sign up to any of them.


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