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Increase Focus and Productivity With These 5 Tools


When you want to have a better workflow, it is imperative to make things streamlined. Streamlining the way you approach things, the processes you do, and the underlying systems that make your work easier is the foundation to having better workflow. You also have to have the right tools. It can’t be understated. So to supplement the great systems in place, here are the best tools you can add:

PDF editor and converter

A trusty PDF editor and converter will give you the freedom to not worry about such menial things as editing and converting PDF files, which in turn, will increase your time in doing core tasks. Gone are the days where you will need a dedicated, third-party PDF software to do things like merge pages on a PDF, add and delete text, do PPT to PDF conversion, and convert it to other file formats. 

These days, you only need to be online and you’ll have access to the best online PDF editors and converters out there. What’s great about these tools is that you only need to bookmark the site and you’ll have access to the array of PDF tools offered forever. Basic features are free to use, so if you work with PDFs every now and then, you’ll have a better time using them. 

Focus and concentration timer

Trust us when we say that working from home and doing online classes in a makeshift home office can be a tricky transition. Our bodies are designed to identify our homes as a place to relax, to rest, and to reinvigorate ourselves. Doing work from the comforts of it will be an adjustment, and you’ll find yourself trying to pull focus and concentration. 

What you can do is make the most out of this pandemic by using a focus and concentration timer that uses the Pomodoro technique. This is one of the better techniques for time management, and it will change how you approach your work or studies. It relies on your discipline and dedication, and to use it effectively, you should be following the work-break-work rhythm it’s based on.

Social media blocker

Social media may be one of the revolutions of this generation, but it also can put a hamper on efficient workflow. Social media can be a focus and concentration zapper – it’s designed for endless scrolling, which is a bane for efficiency. If you want to be the most productive you can be, blocking social media sites when you are working greatly helps. 

For this, online tools can help. A quick Google search should yield thousands of results – it may be a browser extension, a separate browser-based tool, or a third-party application. Choose any of these and use it wisely to prevent dips in your creativity and resist social media scrolling withdrawal. Trust us, this type of tool will change your workflow for the better, so make the most out of it.

Noise-canceling headphones

Out of the many pieces of technology, you can get for yourself this Christmas season, investing in wireless headphones that have a noise-canceling feature will certainly change the way you work. To have great focus, a quiet environment is necessary. It goes without saying that a headphone with a noise-canceling feature that lets you focus on the work at hand will milk your creativity and productivity the most.

You have lots of options when it comes to this: budget ones to high-end alternatives.  If you’re an iPhone user, the AirPods Pro is a cut above the rest of the field in its price range. Don’t expect magical sound though, just the seamless integration that Apple devices have. For those on a tight budget, the excellent TWS50 from SoundMagic is the best in terms of highs and lows. You get the best of both worlds in build and quality as well as sounds. 

Stress ball

Don’t underestimate the power of a stress ball. This nifty tool doesn’t only potentially release stress, it also works out the kinks in specific muscle groups of your body. Releasing stress in this fast-paced world takes a backseat against productivity, so having the outlet to release it is a blessing. If you can, buy those that are more elastic and sturdier in quality. 


There you have it. These five tools, both hardware, and the software will make your productivity go soaring. So bookmark the tools you can today, and save up for those you can add in the future!


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