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What Should You Check Before Hiring a Marketing Manager?


In every business, marketing plays a significant role in the success of the company. That’s why companies focus on looking for the best skilled and qualified marketing managers. This is something to also implement in your business. 

To succeed in your business marketing, you should have the right candidate – with the required skills. Getting the right marketing manager is a hassle. It is a process that you’ve to be cautious with because hiring the wrong candidate has downsides. 

For instance, a professional will know how to help you in your digital video marketing YouTube campaign by utilizing third party social media platforms that can help you gain loads of YouTube subscribers. Most people have no idea such services exist but a pro will know. This will save you tons of money.

If you’re looking for tips for hiring the right business marketing manager, this is your article to read. We have highlighted the essential characteristics of a good marketing manager. 

Let’s now explore these characteristics. 

  1. Creativity 

In a business, you need to hire creative employees. The marketing manager role isn’t an exception. A good marketing manager should develop new and fresh ideas on how to approach the marketing strategy. 

If you hire the right candidate, who is creative, your business will be on top of competitors. This is because the marketing manager has to ensure you are up to date with the latest trends and technologies. There are also trends to focus on and follow. Success in achieving these things is not for a lazy marketing manager. 

You have to ensure the candidate you hire is creative. It is the only way your business can start implementing efficient marketing strategies. 

  1. Initiative 

The other characteristic that makes a good marketing manager is being initiative. You need a candidate who will follow the rules and regulations of the company. However, a good manager should easily communicate with other employees to bring success to the company. 

A good manager should approach you and discuss the strategies that can lead to the company’s success. Then, if you find them worth implementing, you have to do what the marketing manager suggests. A marketing manager should have the ability to spot an issue, create a solution, and bring it to the table. An individual with such initiative characters is one to hire in the marketing manager position. 

  1. Numeracy 

There is a large list of tools needed in marketing. Some of these tools include email metrics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Eloqua, Omniture, PPC campaigns, and Google Analytics. These are tools your business has to use. They help to identify, manipulate, and present data. 

When hiring a marketing manager, the candidate should have experience in using these tools. The tools are vital for your business, and understanding how to use them can lead to the success of your business. 

During the interview, ask the candidate about the tools he/she plans to use in your company. Again, don’t forget to ask about their experience of using these tools. 

  1. Social Media Savvy 

The role of the marketing manager isn’t to post content on behalf of your company. However, a good business marketing manager should be aware of these social media platforms. There are many social channels that a business can use to market its product. It is the role of the marketing manager to identify these social channels and create strategies that can help the business thrive. Some social media channels to use include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, or Instagram.

It is the role of a marketing manager to identify the right audience on these social media platforms. This will help them create the right social media marketing strategies for your business (like the example of increasing YouTube subscriber number effectively). Nonetheless, the marketing manager should also be familiar with monitoring social metrics. 

  1. Testing Chops 

Another essential character of a suitable marketing manager has skills in testing chops. This refers to understanding the benchmark and things that impact the marketing campaign. So, the marketing manager should explain what they have tested, succeeded in and what they learned. 

  1. Curiosity 

Native curiosity in the business world can determine the success and thrive of the marketing manager. This is a vital characteristic that your business marketing manager should possess. We are in a rapidly changing environment, and curiosity is a character to look at when hiring.  

A good marketing manager should approach the new marketing tools like a child, dig in gleefully, and poke around. This shows the marketing manager is ready to drive your business to success. Additionally, it is the role of the marketing manager to focus on new business marketing trends. 

Therefore, in your business, you’ll need a candidate who is curious about new things. That will help determine what your competitors are doing and implement new technologies to beat them.


A good marketing manager for your business is a plus for you. That’s why, to succeed and enable your business to grow and expand, you need the right marketing manager. Looking at these characteristics will help you get the right candidate. 

Don’t forget that your competitors are watching you. To beat them, you need to have the right marketing manager candidate in your team. It is the first step to your success. 


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