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How Green Technology Makes Your Smart Home Sustainable


The combination of different ecological or so-called “green” technologies with Wi-Fi and the internet is transforming our smart homes because they are more efficient in terms of energy consumption and the durability of goods. This breakthrough marks a real revolution at home and concerns many areas, such as water and electricity management and heating and air conditioning management. Find out how these new devices or apps will help you save the planet and your wallet.

Water management in smart homes

A fundamental trend in the services available in the smart home is water management, whether for human consumption or for irrigation, for example.

Small connected sensors can be installed on your water meter to manage the amount of water consumed and send you statistics on your consumption and alerts. It is thus possible to detect trends and improve habits.

It is also possible to intervene in the wastewater consumed. Thus the water from the shower, the dishes, and the air conditioning can pass through a system, then they come out cleaned and can be used for toilets, washing machines, swimming pools, or the garden. This system self-regulates the needs by being connected to each system and thus saves about 80% of the water consumed in the house.

Similarly, more and more brands are also offering water flow regulators for the shower or kitchen. Some are even connected and can adjust the flow rates according to the amount of water consumed or the time of day.

Finally, smart sprinkler systems are starting to take off. A simple application connected to the sprinkler nozzles can thus regulate the watering according to the time of day, the season, and the local weather forecast. No more watering when it is going to rain the following day: Your water consumption is then perfectly controlled.

Smart thermostats

If you’re trying to cut heating (or cooling) costs, today, you can use a thermostat that is able to learn what your lifestyle is.

Thus, Google has developed Nest thermostats (but there are other brands) which, via sensors, know when there are people at home and even know your usual hours (when you get up, go to bed, return from work, etc.). This allows it to fine-tune the temperature accordingly. This connected thermostat also takes into account the weather, such as local temperature and forecasts. This allows it to adapt the heating or air conditioning cycles taking into account the real needs and really reducing the energy bill.

A connected electrical panel to save money

The technology behind electrical panels hasn’t changed much since electricity became an essential utility for billions of people.

But, recently, companies have come out with new fuse boxes that help you monitor and regulate your home’s energy consumption using your smartphone. You have more control over your devices than any smart light switch, or smart plug could give you. Real-time statistics are sent to your application, and you can even remotely control certain elements to mute devices without them being connected. The applications can even provide you with electricity bill forecasts according to the rate of your energy distributor.

Some brands also offer to integrate these control devices into a set that can control solar inverters, batteries, emergency generators, or thermostats.

However, pay attention to the security of your network

These new technologies, based on the connected home, are, however, based on an internet network and therefore remain vulnerable to hacking. The Internet of Things (IoT) remains fragile; it is easy for many hackers to take control of certain devices and then be able to attack your confidential data.

It is, therefore, essential that a VPN protects your router. Such a service is the only way to hide your connection data because it is encrypted, and your IP address is hidden. Serious and reliable VPNs cost only a few euros but can save you a lot in the protection they provide: Some providers even offer a tracker blocker service. Take a look at this tool; you’ll instantly learn how easy it is to use it!


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