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Expert Tips to Ensure Your Stone Floor Looks new


Most elegant homes have stone floors such as marble, slate and onyx. These stones are known for their natural beauty and style factor. But it’s a known fact that to keep the natural beauty of these stones alive; you have to maintain them carefully as they are prone to etching and cracks. Some companies offer professional stone floor cleaning in London, but there are some ways to ensure that your stone floor looks as good as new.

This post will share expert tips from commercial cleaning companies on keeping your stone floor from degrading.

Understand the type of stone flooring

Before you decide what method to use to restore the natural look of your stone flooring, you must be aware of the type of stone you will be dealing with. Marble, granite, slate, etc., are not the geological classification of stones. A stone can be metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous. But to choose the appropriate cleaning method, you must know whether the stone in your flooring is calcareous or siliceous.

Calcareous stones are primarily made of calcium carbonate, making them highly sensitive to acidic materials. You cannot use acidic cleaning substances for calcareous stones such as marble, limestone, serpentine and travertine. Stick with nonacidic gentle soaps that have no acidic compounds. You can also check out materials for stone floor cleaning in London that are marked appropriately for calcareous stones.

You can use acidic cleaning substances for siliceous stones such as slate, granite, sandstone, and quartzite. Such stones are generally more manageable and convenient to clean.

Apply new sealer 

Most commercial cleaning services apply a durable sealer after cleaning the floor. The sealer is a unique material designed to protect stone floors from stains, scratches and blemishes. Over time this sealer degrades, which makes your stone floor susceptible to stains and scratches. After cleaning your stone floor, apply a fresh sealer to maintain its natural look for years.

Don’t ignore spills 

A characteristic of natural stones is that they absorb liquid which is why a spill can permanently stain your stone flooring. Don’t let the spill stay on the natural stone for long. Also, instead of wiping the spill, blot it out to avoid it from spreading on the floor.

Schedule deep cleaning at least thrice a year 

While you can clean stone flooring on your own, there is a limit to what you can achieve. Commercial cleaning services offer deep cleaning, which differs from regular cleaning. When you hire a commercial service for stone floor cleaning in London, they use several floor treatment techniques and advanced cleaning equipment to ensure your stone floor remains in excellent condition.

Always vacuum 

Vacuuming the stone floor is mandatory. If you’re not regularly cleaning the floor, the dust particles will scratch it and ruin its protective coating. It is surprising how much you can slow down the damage to the stone flooring with regular vacuuming.

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