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False Ceilings: Latest Trends for 2023


Whenever people think of interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is a false ceiling. It completely changes the look and adds a new charm to the room. 

The false ceiling has now become an integral part of home decor. False ceilings is also called as dropped ceilings. There are several styles and designs available for false ceilings. But it is hard to decide which one is the latest trend. So through this blog, we will inform you of some of the latest trends of false ceilings in 2023.

Advantages of False Ceilings

Before discussing the latest designs of false ceilings, we need to understand the benefit of false ceilings. You must have thought that a false ceiling only increases the aesthetic of the house. But it also has other advantages:

  • False ceiling helps us in temperature control. It can absorb heat and maintain the average temperature of the room. It can also optimize the operation of the air conditioner and heater. Thus it saves energy.
  • A false ceiling can reflect or absorb light. It depends upon the material you use. If you choose a false ceiling with glasses, it will reflect the light. You can also fit desired lights to enhance the ambience of the room.
  • Noise control is another good feature of a false ceiling. You may have noticed that most of the theatre has a false ceiling. It is because the sound rebounds in the false ceiling and reaches the audience. 

False Ceiling Trends for 2023

Below are some of the latest False Ceilings trends or top trends in false ceiling designs:

The old-school wood ceiling:

Old school wooden ceiling is also a good option to consider. With modern designs and attractive lighting, the wooden dropped ceiling will be in demand in 2023.

This type of ceiling would provide your room with a vintage look. But one thing you have to remember; the charm of this kind of ceiling depends upon the wood you select. With cheap quality wood, you might not get the desired outcome. Usually, this type of ceiling costs medium to high.

False ceiling made of Plaster of Paris:

Plaster of Paris, or PoP ceiling, is one of the most beautiful ceiling designs. PoP ceilings are famous for their beautiful pattern designs. These types of ceiling designs are detailed in nature and need a lot of space. So, they are suitable for a big hall room and are known for their weather- resistance quality.

Lattice-work false ceiling:

Lattice work can be very enchanting for your drawing room. A well-designed lattice-work ceiling has the potential to turn any ordinary room into a spectacular one. With proper lighting, the lattice-work ceiling can be the centre of attraction in your home.

This ceiling design is very cost-efficient; thus, many designers suggest their clients have lattice-work ceilings.

False ceiling with glass design:

The glass ceiling is uncommon but can be an extraordinary choice of dropped ceiling for you. Usually, glasses are brittle and need some additives of lamination to increase their resistance. 

It is always better to use glass in combination with concrete, wood or plastic to increase the stability of the ceiling. These types of ceilings are suitable for the lobby, dining area and living rooms.

Metallic false ceiling:

Metallic false ceilings are the new trend for commercial premises. You can hardly find residential premises with metallic false ceilings. This is due to the high cost and weight of these types of ceilings. Usually, commercial fit out companies use aluminium for this type of ceiling; but nowadays, many designers are also using steel sheets.


False ceilings are the new and evolving design trends in modern home d├ęcor. In the upcoming year, there will be more creative designs and styles of false ceilings. If you want to know more about the false ceiling and interior home designs, contact your nearest interior design company.


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