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How to Choose the Best Position for a Roof Light


Roof lights are a great way of letting more natural light into a room and helping its decor and other additions have more impact. Many homeowners do not consider how to position them to get the most out of them. The result is that they end up with roof lights that are less useful than a homeowner thought when installing them. Here are some things to consider when choosing the location of a roof light in your home.


A home extension is a great way to increase the space in a home, but it presents a problem; it creates dark spots in the home. When you complete the extension, the rooms behind the extension get darker. You can add some light by installing a roof light close to the previous external wall.

The same happens when you extend a garage or build a structure over it. When you do this, you will lose a window on the side of the house, leading to a darker room or staircase. Add a Keylite window at the top of the stairs to get the light back in. Remember that you will need planning permission for the garage and the new roof light, so talk to a local contractor beforehand.

Room Layout

Another thing to think about is the layout of a room. An easy way to get the positioning of the roof light right is to mark where each piece of furniture is or will end up. Doing so will allow you to visualise the space’s flow and the areas needing the most light. Doing so will also help prevent installing Keylite windows overhead where they might make it uncomfortable to sit in the seats beneath.

Home Orientation

Contractors consider the final orientation of your home when building it. They do this to maximise the amount of sunlight you get and to provide some protection against dangers like strong winds. If your location is already sunny, do not install a skylight such that lets in too much light into the home. Doing so can make the home uncomfortable during the day.

Orientation is especially important if you are installing roof lights on pitched roofs. Their location can help them let in enough light or too much of it. You can find Keylite roof windows that follow the roof’s pitch for maximum benefit if you position them correctly. You can also shop for Keylite windows that are double-glazed or that open differently depending on your needs and how much light and heat you want to let through.


If you live in a populous area, you also need to consider the possibility of a person overlooking and peering into the home from an adjacent property. Carefully considering the placement of the roof light will help ensure privacy while also letting it work as expected.

Another thing you could do is tint the roof windows. You can even get a one-way tint so you can see outside, but people cannot see in.

A skylight only provides maximum benefit if placed in the correct location. Place it where light is needed most, considering other factors like privacy and the home’s layout.


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