Benefits Of Automatic Doors To Commercial Premises


    If you own a commercial premises or property, ensuring that you have the most appropriate entrance door is absolutely essential.  There are a multitude of reasons that more and more businesses throughout the UK are starting to choose automatic doors as the go-to type of door, and for a number of reasons to which we’ll explore in this latest post. For business premises that regularly encounter a heavy footfall of people, automatic doors are without a doubt the best option out there on today’s market. Before we get into the top FIVE benefits of automatic doors to commercial premises, let’s take a look at the main TWO types of automatic doors…

    • Automatic Sliding Doors – Automatic sliding doors are the most popular type of automatic door for commercial premises. Sliding doors are specifically ideal for high traffic applications where frontage depth and space are primary considerations. The most common types of business premises that are best suited to sliding doors including supermarkets, superstores, and other types of stores.
    • Automatic Swinging Doors – Automatic swinging doors are another particularly popular type of automatic door that are ideal for the likes of educational establishments, healthcare practices, and hospitality venues. Swinging doors take up minimal space and open from both directories, increasing convenience within your premises.

    Top 5 Benefits Of Automatic Doors


    The first obvious benefit of automatic doors is the fact that they provide extreme convenience and increase ease of use. Customers coming into your store or premises benefit from entering without having to lift a finger. Moreover, because of the increased convenience, this also helps to prevent queues outside your shop that otherwise may tempt people to leave and go elsewhere. In a world where time is off the essence, businesses that provide solutions are benefiting massively.

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Did you know that often the first thing potential customers or clients judge is the entrance and exterior of your building or premises? Automatic doors are really aesthetically pleasing and attract the right customer that you wish to encounter with. Furthermore, there are bespoke configurations, colours, designs, and a wide range of options to select from to suit your specific preferences. When you choose a reputable 5-star automatic door company just like DUK Doors – who supply and install automatic doors throughout the UK – you’ll be amazed at the final product.

    Reduced Energy Costs

    This is often a forgotten about benefit that all businesses reap as a result of installing high-quality automatic doors. That’s right, when you choose automatic doors as the ideal entrance door for your business, you’ll achieve reduced energy costs. This is because the doors will only open when the motion sensor is triggered and other than that, they will remain closed for the remainder of the time which results in energy savings. Throughout the extreme summer months, you can also benefit from preventing the cool air conditioning from escaping and achieving the desired optimum temperature.

    Better Hygiene

    As a result of choosing automatic doors for your business premises, you’ll also benefit from much better hygiene. Everyone will benefit here including your employees, visitors, potential clients, and customers. In this case, hospital buildings and food factories can particularly benefit, as well as other types of businesses where health and safety are paramount. Moreover, automatic doors  can be installed with airtight functionality to prevent dust and dirt from entering your premises.

    Highly Durable

    As a business, you have a lot of expenses and costs to contend with. However, when you choose automatic doors, they are highly durable and should last for up to 10-15 years with minimal maintenance. Of course, you’ll have to ensure that you do all you can in your power to make sure that your doors are clear of debris or dust to ensure they smoothly open. You may also consider annual automatic door servicing to prolong the lifespan of your automatic door even more so.


    Another fantastic benefit is the fact that automatic doors have built-in security measures to make sure they don’t have any capabilities to cause any incidents or accidents to people coming in and out of your premises. Automatic doors also auto-close which helps to prevent unauthorised people from entering.


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