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Polka Starter: Is Polkastarter a good Investment? Facts and reality


IDOs are the medium to raise funds for the early-stage or beginner crypto projects that want to expand their capital by simply distributing the tokens to IDO participants.

Now why IDOs are very beneficial for a crypto project at their initial stage? Because IDOs are the way to provide liquidity for any project which not only increases the chance of their fundraising conditions but also attracts more investors towards the project.

Now, what does Polkastarter do? How does Polkastarter help a crypto project by simply linking it with IDO? There are lots of questions that must be answered in a very simple manner, so let’s get started to have all of our answers. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit here.

What is a Polka Starter?

Polkastarter is a completely decentralized protocol that has raised awareness about creating a long-term hub community and also the users will be able to participate in a secured and reliable environment.

It is the biggest decentralized fundraising platform that is built for a cross-chain token pool and interoperable network that runs on the Polkadot network. Polkastarter also creates cheap transactions and ultra-fast swaps which are completely based on a great user experience.

Now Polkastarter has provided the following features for its users to enjoy uninterrupted transactions and easily participate in auction events:

·       Cross-chain Swaps

This feature is really important for the present scenario when there are lots of different exchanges and tokens are available, The Cross-chain swap means the technology that enables the swapping of two different tokens from another blockchain automatically.

·       Fixed and Dynamic Swaps

It is denoted that Fixed and Dynamic Swaps are the opportunities of the investors to have a fixed rate interest payment for any fluctuating or floating payment, helping investors to speculate the market value and dynamic rate risk.

·       Anti-Scam Features

Now Polkastarter is a completely decentralized protocol that runs over the Polkadot blockchain which has a strong secured transaction encrypted end to end.

·       KYC registration

Know Your Client or KYC is the process through which a client is informed about the investor’s details, what are the market risks and the financial factors governing the current scenarios.

·       Governance Model

The governance model is the technique through which an organization designs its way of working, its infrastructures of the project and track records for the deadline and other upcoming new projects.

·       Permissionless Listing

Permissionless listing is the system that is considered as the way to create decentralized exchanges which don’t rely on third parties for approving a currency board setup.

How to Participate in a Polkastarter ISO?

First of all, to participate in a Polka Starter IDO you have to qualify for the whitelisting process of Polka Starter, they have to pass the terms and then they will be eligible to participate in the public sale.

Now, here are the steps to participate in the public sale of Polka Starter:

·       Creating Your e-money Network address

For creating an e-money Network, you have to visit wallet.e-money.com, select your mode of connection, and select Kepler where the chain can be added and then select to approve mode. After this, your e-money account is completely activated to use.

·       Connecting your Wallet to Polka Starter

Now you must connect your wallet to Polkastarter by visiting its website, clicking the connect wallet option. Select your wallet and add the required ETH into the wallet and you are ready to make a purchase.

·       Joining the e-money pool

Now you have to Join an e-money pool for your e-money wallet, for this select the e-money pool from the Polkastarter Pools section, and click on the link giving them access to join the pool. Now review the pool’s average allocation and feed how much ETH you want to spend on NGM tokens. Now, after you have confirmed your transaction, wait for the pool to get connected with your Polka Starter.


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