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What You Need to Know Before Buying Chair Covers


Are you looking for chair covers to decorate your home this festive season? Before buying chair covers, you must know the various types of chair covers available in the market.

Different chair covers buy for different purposes and they are made of different materials too. Generally chair covers are purchased to protect chair from wear and tear caused by constant use, but these days it has become customary to decorate chairs during special occasions like weddings or birthday parties. These chair covers then help in creating that festive look that every party planner desires.

Chair Covers for Wedding Receptions

When you are getting married, there can be nothing more pleasing than seeing all your guests wearing fashionable clothes at the wedding reception, right? The chair covers play an important role in making sure that people seated on them feel comfortable enough to shift around throughout the party night. 

The colors of the chair cover must match with the color of the overall theme of your wedding. For example, chair covers in cream color will look good on golden chairs, red chair covers will match well with black thrones and so on. Usually chair covers are designed for chair sizes that are standard.

If you are looking to buy chair covers online for your next party, then there is no dearth of options to choose from! You can get chair covers in all kinds of colors like red or blue for an upcoming birthday party or white or cream colored chair cover for a wedding reception; all available at leading online stores like Royal rudiments. They also include options like knee-length chair cover (knee-length chair covers tend to be more popular), single-layered (this chair cover is easy to wear or remove) chair covers and many others. You can also get chair covers with zips (zippered chair covers are perfect for chair sizes that are not standard).

Chair Covers for Celebrations

Celebrating festive occasions like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations etc., and chair covers come in all kinds of colors too! Many people like to use chair cover as fashion accessory on such occasions. On the other hand if you want chair covers solely for the purpose of protecting your chairs, then you should stick to t him traditional cream color chair cover. Some people even go bold by using red chair covers with an equally striking tablecloth or a black-colored knee length chair cover with black tablecloth! There is no end to chair cover fashion game, you can get creative once your chair covers are in place.

Chair Covers for Special Occasions

Purchasing chair covers with the right color combinations is important to create a good look at your party. You can even buy chair covers custom made if you want i.e., you need chair covers in non-standard sizes.  It is equally important to choose chair covers that are easy to wear and remove when needed.  Special occasion chair covers should be durable too so that they last long until the next use, no matter how often or how many times they are washed! So do check out what all kinds of chair covers are available in the market before buying them because they come in different materials too, so you need to buy chair covers that are not only comfortable but also durable.

Helpful Questions and Answers

What chair covers are available in the market?

There are different chair covers available like chair sashes, chair ties, chair bows and many others. You can get anything you want for your party or wedding reception depending on the overall look that you desire to create.

How to use chair covers?

All kinds of chair covers need not be used in the same way! You should know what all types of chair cover materials are there before buying them because they come with their own unique features. For instance, if you want to use chair cover as fashion accessory during a special occasion then knee-length chair covers will work fine but when it comes to using them for protecting chairs, cream color single layered chair cover will be ideal choice. So check out the outdoor chair covers that are available in the market and then choose chair covers depending on your requirement.

Can I wash chair cover?

Yes, you can get chair covers made of fabric like satin which is easy to clean! It will be even better if you get chair covers with zipper so that you can open them up for washing them properly. You should always check chair covers before buying them because they might not be machine-washable or may shrink after getting washed once or twice.


So if you are planning to buy chair covers, then do keep our tips in mind. There is nothing more important than the right chair cover for your special event.


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