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Is Bristol a Good Place to Buy a House?


If you are considering buying in Bristol or the surrounding area, this article will help answer some common questions about property in the UK city.

Buying a house proves to be among the biggest investments one can make. In addition, the decision to buy a home in Bristol can have a huge impact on your financial future. You don’t just want to make a good choice, but you also want to know that it will be affordable.

Besides, you should always get conveyancing help from leading conveyancing solicitors in Bristol like AVRillo to have a hassle-free property buying experience. 

When buying a house, you may want to research and check out areas around Bristol. There are some really good reasons why people buy property in Bristol. 

1. Fast-Growing Economy

Bristol is in the league of the fastest growing cities in the UK. The local economy is booming, with many new businesses opening up and more jobs being created yearly.

Bristol has a strong employment market, with one in three people over 25 having a job, according to the 2011 Census. The city’s unemployment rate for this age group was 4.4%, well below the national average of 5%.

There are also plenty of opportunities for young people looking for part-time work or who want to start their businesses.

2. Location

Bristol’s location makes it easy for people to commute to London every day without spending too much time on public transport or finding parking spaces near their workplace. 

Located on the border between England and Wales, it’s also close enough for people from both countries to visit each other easily without traveling long distances.

3. Diversity

Bristol has a strong cultural identity thanks to its multiculturalism, which means that there are many different types of restaurants, bars, and shops available for residents.

Bristol is a cosmopolitan city with vibrant cultural life and a thriving economy. It’s also one of the greenest cities in Britain, with a thriving community of organic food producers.

It’s not just about living here though – there are plenty of things to do in Bristol too! From musicals and festivals to nightlife and shopping trips, there’s no shortage of things to do when you get bored at home!

4. Great Infrastructure

Bristol has some of the best infrastructures in Britain. The three main motorways in the area provide great access across all areas of the city.

The M5 and M4 run east-west and north-south, respectively, while A38 runs north-south. As well as this, two rail lines run through Bristol – Great Western Main Line (GWML) and South West Main Line (SWML).

These tracks link towns and cities across the country, including London and Southampton, with Bristol City Centre just under 50 minutes away by train from London Paddington Station via Swindon.

5. Education

Bristol is famous for its universities, which attract students from all over the world. Such means that many professionals are looking to buy property in Bristol. 

The city also has a large number of schools, which means that there is always someone looking for homes.

6. Affordable Housing

As mentioned, Bristol has many students who want to live here after graduation, so the housing market is very competitive. 

The average tenants pay £1,131 per month for their rented accommodation which is significantly lower than other cities in the UK.

In Conclusion

Bristol is a fun, lively town with plenty to offer, and making it your new home would give you space to grow as a person. Even better: you can test the waters with a smaller property before deciding to make a big move later.

Hopefully, that has given you some inspiration for house hunting, especially if you’re hoping to move to Bristol. If you live somewhere else, hopefully, this article has provided valuable insights into the city and its housing market in general.


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