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The Internet of Things is Redefining Homes around the Globe


IoT Home: How the Internet of Things Redefines Our Homes

Imagine the following scenario – you feel hungry and also want to play games. You go to your fridge, and while you are searching for food, the refrigerator connects to the web and runs your favorite game.

Sounds like an introduction to a new Star Trek movie? Not really. It’s something that is already available in homes worldwide and is called the Internet of Things. But what is that exactly?

What Is the IoT?

Technology is continuously being upgraded, and one of the best examples for that are online casinos. People who wanted to play blackjack at blackjack77uk.com/ and other casino games had to drive dozens of miles in order to reach a casino. Nowadays, these are available on every device. Moreover, casinos are already using the Internet of Things to upgrade their offers. Who knows – maybe you can play them on your fridge as well soon.

If you google “What is IoT?”, you will probably get a lot of technical explanations of how this technology works. Let’s try to make a simple explanation in plain English. After all, it’s something that all of us are going to use very soon.

Essentially, IoT allows all your devices to connect to the web and remain networked with one another, in order to improve their overall purpose and make your life more convenient. This doesn’t seem so futuristic, given that we already have our phones, computers, tablets, and even TVs that are all connected to each other.

The IoT means taking one step further towards the automation of our homes. The so-called web-enabled devices will take over, analyze data about you, and make your home more suitable.

It’s All About Data

In fact, data is the keyword we’re looking for. All the devices, including sensors in your home, your fridge, your car, and even your coffee machine, will be able to send and receive data. What does that actually mean for you?

Essentially, the central “brain” that controls your devices will be able to analyze data about you (or even about the overall society trends) and adjust according to that. The most obvious example is the coffee machine which is connected with your alarm clock and knows when you get up when you like to have your coffee, and how you like it.

Imagine other house appliances adjusting automatically based on your behavior and preferences – sounds like a great sci-fi material, doesn’t it?

How These Devices Collect Data?

Want it or not – there’s already too much data about you on the web. Even if you are not a fan of social media platforms, you still visit various sites, download and upload things, and more. Every step you make makes some kind of digital trace out there, revealing something more about you.

Imagine every step you make in the real world being recorded. Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it seems. Simply put, all devices that are connected to the web will also have some kind of sensors which will feed them with information about you. They will process that information and even share it with other devices in order to make the most out of them.

Returning to the coffee machine example, imagine being stuck in the traffic after your work and you like to have a cup of coffee as soon as you return home. Now, one of the possible scenarios (and this is just an example that may or may not already exist – but it’s definitely possible to make something like that) is that a coffee device can read your GPS coordinates and follow your movement, making coffee just as you approach your garage.

You’ll Learn More About Yourself

Perhaps the most essential feature of the IoT is that you can access the data about you as well. It’s something that you can analyze and understand when something is wrong, starting with some minor issues such as drinking too much coffee.

By achieving a new level of automation in your home, you will gain control of your surroundings and improve your lifestyle by far. The Internet of Things will enable us to manage our lives better, track our actions, and make more efficient utilization of our resources. Moreover, we are going to achieve greater comfort and save both our time and money, focusing on doing things we actually love.


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