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Best Free Educational Apps For Students


Student years are full of bright events, bold ideas, and bravest dreams. They are never restricted to the study only, so young people always strive to make college assignments as quickly as possible and start implementing their big plans. The modern applications simplify learners’ lives significantly. Saving time and making the studying process more exciting, they are becoming essential instruments on the way to an academic degree. What is really convenient and pleasant is that one can find free programs today.

The opportunities of cutting-edge technologies are fantastic. Imagine that they can make your business plan writing easier, and it is not about professional help from writers and business plan writing services. Instead of business plan writers, you can simply use a free version of Enloop, for instance.

And if you have to write an essay due today or tomorrow, use Dragon Anywhere to save some hours and make your assignment “essay due tomorrow”  faster.

You can also find a service that enables you to edit a resume or any other document; in comparison with expensive professional online CV and resume edit services offered by a writing company, you can afford this variant, as it is free. For example, Grammarly offers a basic plan, for which you should not pay.

Educational Apps For Students: The Best Time-Savers


A business plan is a frequent assignment for students of Finance, Marketing, and Business faculties. It goes easier with AI-driven software, such as Enloop, for instance. You can use its seven-day free version to make your business plan fast and effectively. The application provides convenient templates for your reports, generates texts to describe them, analyzes your research data,  composes financial forecasts, etc. With it, you can calculate how many materials you have to buy or how many orders you need to get a certain profit. Interestingly, it even evaluates your ideas and shows the score.

Dragon Anywhere

Typing or writing by hand on paper can be extremely tedious for students. It takes much time and effort to make all the lecture notes, yet there is a way out. Dragon Anywhere offers a free trial for its dictation service. Just think that you can lie on the sofa, pronounce your thoughts, and the text appears on the screen of your device. It is also convenient  when you have “urgent essay due hours.” One can easily correct the document, sync it to the cloud, insert templates, etc. With Dragon Anywhere, you get an opportunity to make text documents on-the-go. According to the expert review by professionals from Writing-help.org, its level of speech recognition is 99%. Well, of course, if you are not a native English speaker, this figure can be lower when you dictate something in this language. The developers think that Dragon Anywhere will be a popular instrument of the writer in the nearest future.


Experts from Writing-help.org leverage the premium version of this software to check college essays, academic papers, professional resume, and other assignments. However, their free plan is rather helpful too. One can download the text into this program or install an extension for Google Chrome. In the last case, all your Google documents are checked online, and you do not need to copy and insert them anywhere. The algorithms of this application check English grammar, spelling, and punctuation thoroughly, as well as offer basic writing suggestions. 

Summing up

Modern education is getting more intensive and complicated for both students and professors. Due to a bunch of rapidly changing information, it is difficult to keep pace with scientific and technological development. Yet state-of-the-art applications can help you with that. It is not necessary to order expensive programs; professionals from the custom writing agency Writing-help.org recommend testing free trials or cheap versions first. It is an excellent way to get effective assistance and not pay much.


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