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Can WordPress be Used for an E-commerce Business?


Over the years, WordPress has been associated with blog creation. It was the main CMS that many bloggers used to bring their stories and opinions to life. Indeed, this impression has stuck with many people, and it is still assumed that WordPress is only for blogs.

However, we can confirm that this is not true. In fact, this is a great platform that you can use to build a variety of websites. In particular, some people want to know whether it is a good option for an eCommerce business. So, let’s investigate and take a closer look.

Can You Use WordPress When Starting an E-commerce Business?

The simple answer to this question is yes. You can use WordPress to start an e-commerce business. If you are not sure from where to start you can find a good wordpress agency like Cude Design. There are plugins that you can use for functionality and to create the store you want. This is going to make sure your storefront is appealing, as well as easy to operate when it comes to customers. There are some people that prefer to use an e-commerce website builder. But WordPress can be used in this way with the right plugins.

Something you do have to remember is that you will have to optimise your WordPress site to appeal to the right customers. If this is something you need help with, consider WordPress SEO services. You can check out https://www.clickslice.co.uk/wordpress-seo-agency/ and read more about the service that ClickSlice offers. This might be just what you need after creating your website and take it to the top of Google.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

Now that you know a little bit more about WordPress and that it can be used for some e-commerce businesses, you will want to decide whether this is the right road for you. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the platform so that you can make up your mind.

Easy to Use

You might know everything there is to know about e-commerce. But, you may struggle when it comes to designing websites. So, you need a simple platform that is going to do most of the work for you. So, this is where WordPress comes in.

WordPress is known to be easy to use and there are a lot of things explained when you are designing your website. So, you are not going to feel out of your depth, and you can get exactly what you need for your e-commerce store.

There are Endless Templates

One of the good things about WordPress is that it provides you with many different templates and themes. So, no matter what type of eCommerce business you are trying to create, there is going to be a design you love. In fact, there are over 8,000 themes you can select from. In particular, this includes eCommerce templates, which will make sure you get your website off to a good start.

What’s more, the templates are responsive. This is something you need if you want to improve user experience. So, you can enjoy peace of mind when you choose WordPress. Just make sure you find one that you like and feel can suit your business’s needs.

There Are Other Options

It is important to note that WordPress is not specifically for eCommerce businesses. So, while you can make it work, and many like to use this platform, there are other options out there you can explore. In particular, there are eCommerce website builders. Here are some other options you can consider.


If you are doing a lot of research on the best website platform to use for your eCommerce business, you are likely to come across Shopify.


Another e-commerce platform you can try is BigCommerce. This is going to allow you to create your store, as well as sell anything from products to digital items.


You can also try out Squarespace, which is for e-commerce. There are cool features you can use on this platform to sell your products.


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