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5 Smart Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


You, me, and everyone else, who is alive in this era of booming technological innovations, are so lucky in so many spheres, be it better medical facilities, simpler alternatives for performing complicated tasks, or energy efficiency.

So, it’s really astonishing and equally saddening to see that most people aren’t considering green energy as powerful as it actually is. In fact, there’s only a tiny fraction that has actually ditched the traditional polluting power sources.

If that’s the case with you, and you’re wondering how you can switch to eco-friendlier and more cost-effective measures, and establish an energy-efficient home, then here are 5 ultimate ways you can opt for.

Switch to Smart LED Lights

Almost everyone has heard about LED light bulbs, but very few actually take the next step and install them in their homes. Maybe, it is the lack of awareness about its benefits that makes them oblivious.

If you wish to talk about the energy efficiency normal incandescent bulbs offer, you will surely be disappointed. And if you want to increase their efficiency, there’s no other option except dimming the intensity. But that makes it almost impractical, right?

 On the other hand, LEDs offer the same light intensity at a lesser price and power consumption. Besides, they come with settings that allow you to adjust the temperature of light, which means the color can be changed too.

Invest in an Energy Monitor

Like all other things in life, if you don’t monitor your daily electricity consumption, bills can very soon skyrocket. Once you start recording and analyzing, you will definitely start using appliances more responsibly.

And, for maximizing the benefits, it’s best to keep the monitor in such a place that you can easily give it a glance every time you roam around in your house. For example, you can consider installing it in the kitchen or your hallway.

Now, if you are curious, the biggest advantage an energy monitor will serve is that you can easily spot any electronic devices that were unintentionally left on. In fact, this unnoticed consumption could make a big hole in your pocket otherwise.

Furthermore, when you have a checker working right in front of you, you’ll think twice before decreasing those AC temperatures or turning up the thermostat.

Get Solar Panels Installed

The discussion around whether to install rooftop solar panels or not has been there for the longest time but seldom do these talks convert into action. 

There’s an extensive amount of websites that cover their pros and cons but take our words on this; you would never regret getting yours set up. Not only will these panels subtract a major chunk from your monthly bills, but imagine the satisfaction you will feel after knowing that you are contributing to the planet’s well-being.

In case that your home requirements are lesser than the total electricity produced by the panels, many companies will assist you to send this surplus back to the community grid. This means there’s even a possibility of an additional income if you install enough panels and your area receives substantial sunlight.

We all know how the electricity prices are skyrocketing hence solar panels will relieve a major responsibility off your shoulder. We know you’ll be surprised to know this, but many households make hundreds of dollars per month just by selling the extra electricity produced.

Focus on Insulation

A significant part of most people’s monthly bills is due to home warming set-ups and thermostats. Almost all of your relatives and friends must be having these appliances at their homes, right?

But, a point that is not known to many is, the crack and opening present on our doors, windows, etc let out a lot of the heat that we could have used to keep warm. And, what’s the result? We keep the warmers or heaters running for longer to attain the desired temperature.

Did you know that thermostats use approximately 1800 watts of energy to run? That’s huge, isn’t it?

So, firstly, you should check all of such surfaces in your home and seal them perfectly to avoid wastage of power. For example, you can put weather stripping around the window frames, or a shrink film will also do the trick.

Next, consider getting your attic insulated professionally. A one-time investment of about 15 hundred dollars can save up a lot more through bills in the long run.

Get an Energy Audit performed

Now, don’t get intimidated by the technical-sounding terms. A home energy audit is, exactly, like the audits performed in corporate areas, which involves the assessment of a particular aspect and devising ways to improve at it. When you call in a professional to perform an energy audit, he follows a set procedure. It involves analyzing the electricity bill per month of your home, recognizing where you cut on consumption, and eventually helping you lower the overall carbon footprint of your house.

We recommend getting it done every couple of years to reap maximum benefits, but you can take a standard of 5 years.

It will help you know the periods when your power usage peaks, potential ways to save money, and most importantly, the safety grade of your electronic devices. Yes, this is one of the complementary advantages that you get along with audit sessions.

Summing up

Now, there are a plethora of other hacks and tips available online, but just following the above five can also help you reach your savings goal super soon. Also, feel free to research more about each point in depth before actually adopting them in your homes.

Pick the one you feel is the easiest for your home, and start today for an amazingly energy-efficient household.


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